PRE ORDER 1/6 Ultimate DX Batman BvS Cave Computer Lab from Batman v Superman (2016)

1/6 Ultimate DX Batman BvS Cave Computer Lab from Batman v Superman (2016)

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“This is about the future of the world. This is my legacy.” Connected to Gotham’s police scanners and news networks, Batman keeps his watchful eyes tightly locked on his city through his Batcomputer.

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Now the high tech surveillance system from Zack Snyder’s “Batman V Superman '' (2016) is available to collectors for the first time in ⅙ scale, and as both a Truscale edition and an Ultimate Edition. 
For the Standard Truscale Edition, the Batcomputer comes with a computer desk, desktop, a custom ergonomic chair, six computer screens with custom decals, rack units, support beams and a supporting floor. 
The Ultimate edition comes with all of the aforementioned and also includes light-up functionality, operational computer screens with six SD cards that project illuminated visuals that cycle amongst the screens.
All of it culminates into a comprehensive vigilance that criminals, both terrestrial and otherworldly, won’t be able to escape from.  
Measurements: 99cm (39 inches) x 49cm (19.3 inches) x 43cm (17 inches) 
The “Batman V Superman” (2016) Batcomputer Lab Standard Truscale includes: 

  • The computer desk with desktop
  • Rack units and keyboards
  • Six screens with fixed images/ decals printed on perspex
  • Custom ergonomic chair
  • Display stand/ floor
  • Support structures via metal rods

The “Batman V Superman” (2016) Batcomputer Lab ⅙ Ultimate Edition adds on: 
  • Light-up features
  • Power supply for a permanent lighting display

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49 cm / 19.29 in
43 cm / 16.93 in
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I just also say that this is an essential part of my #BvS tribute in 1/6 scale. My sentiments for the BvS Batwing are also echoed here with the ultimate Batcomputer. Please find some way to make this happen and again, I’ll be patient. I just can’t tell you how important it is to complete the #Snyderverse world in 1/6. And you have given us that wonderful opportunity and to realize it, would be a wonderful accomplishment. Thank you. Justin Nauth

👍 4

H there its been 3 years since announcement, ist the production happening or is it cancelled? as you are starting lots of new productions!!


Production has started and we will deliver by the end of the year


Hopefully the bvs batwing will show back up someday.


I hope someday the BVS Batwing can happen

👍 2

Is this version still happening?


Yes but with switch out screens


Will the price be adjusted to account for no SD cards?


No since we had massive inflation since this price was set


Can the switch out screens be backlit?


yes sir and they will be!


So no video on the screen ? they will just be decals ? :/


They will be custom plexiglass printed screens with LEDS built in. Actual screens were too big and too thick


Update, at the 11th hour we did find a solution for actual working screens!


WOW, that's great news, you guys are the best


Hi, Joost. What do you mean when you said that you were able to find a solution for actual working screens? :)


I meant that the DX version will have actual working screens now


This is great news.

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