Payment plans

Great news, Jazzinc Dioramas offers payment plans! It allows you to order a product and reserve a slot in production whilst paying it off later.

You can buy a diorama at a pace that suits you best!

1. How to select a Payment Plan:

When you’re on the product page, select ‘Payment plan’ instead of ‘Pay in Full’. Then you can choose the length of your payment plan from the drop-down menu. You MUST choose a duration for the payment plan, otherwise the system won't know into how many payments to divide the cost of the product. 


We don’t charge interest for payment plans, so the price you see advertised for the product is the same price you will pay. This, of course, does not include shipping. 


The first payment you make is considered the deposit, and is non-refundable (the total non-refundable deposit on the order at the time of purchase is also visible on the product page). Then, the remaining amount owed will be divided into monthly payments for the payment plan length you have chosen. 


2.     Types of payment plans:

At checkout you can choose to place your order on an automatic payment plan – by selecting the ‘automatic payment’ option – or you can choose to use a manual payment plan.

·      Automatic payments

With an Automatic Payment plan, your credit/debit card will be charged automatically each month for the exact monthly amount that is due (see section below for pros and cons of this option).

·      Manual Payments

With a Manual Payment plan, you will need to make the payments manually through your customer account each month due (see section below for pros and cons of this option).


3.     Important to know about Automatic Payment Plans

The main benefit of the Automatic Payments is that you don’t have to remember to make a monthly payment. The amount you owe each month will be automatically withdrawn from your credit/debit card. 


There are some important things to consider, however. When the NRD amount increases once we’ve entered the production phase, your credit card will be charged twice for that month: once for the monthly amount due, and once more for the system to get your payment amount up to where it calculates it should now be due to the new NRD amount. (See “System’s Formula’s” section for an explanation as to why this is). 

Furthermore, when we are preparing for shipment of your product and add the shipping charge to your order, the system will automatically charge your card for the amount due.

It's possible to go ahead of the payment schedule - for instance when the product is already available, but your payment plan has not ended yet. You can log in to your account and click the Make a payment button right next to your order.


4.     Important to know about Manual Payment Plans

The benefit with the Manual Payment plans is that you can make a payment any time you want (and can pay your order off early), and you can make a payment of a flexible amount. The first payment will always be in the amount of the NRD. But the subsequent monthly payments can be either the pre-calculated monthly payment amount, the full balance for the product, or a customized amount.


Each month, when your monthly payment is due, you will receive a payment reminder email. You will need to make the payments manually by going into your account, clicking “Make a payment” next to your order, and proceeding with the payment from there. 


When the NRD amount increases once we’ve entered the Production Phase, you will need to make sure you have paid at least the new NRD amount. If you have not paid this amount, you will need to make a manual payment to reach the new NRD amount if you want to keep the order. 


Once you have fully paid for the product, we’ll add the shipping charge to the order (if it’s in stock and ready to ship). You will receive an email informing you about this shipping charge. Then you will need to make the shipping charge payment manually, just as you have already been doing for the monthly payments.


5.     Can I switch from a Manual Payment plan to an Automatic Payment plan?

You will have the option of switching from a Manual Payment plan to an Automatic Payment plan in middle of your payment plan. When you make a monthly payment you'll notice a switch called 'Automatic payment' on the "Pay Order" page. If you switch this on, the system will change you to an automatic payment plan. This means the system will charge your credit card automatically for the rest of the payment plan. Please know that the system runs a daily check to see how much should have been paid by that particular day and how much has already been paid. If there's a gap, it's going to charge your card that full amount needed.

If you were behind on your payment plan when you switched to automatic payments, this means that the system will catch you up on your payments. This will lead to an additional charge the system calculates that you're right back on track. 


6.     NRD amounts

The first payment you make on your payment plan order is the non-refundable deposit (NRD) amount. If we are in the Prototype Phase, the NRD will be up to 10% of the product’s value. If we are in the Production Phase, the NRD will be up to 30% of the product’s value. NOTE: When the NRD increases, you will be required to have paid a minimum of the new NRD amount if you want to keep the order. 


All customers are required to pay the NRD amount to keep the order. We will always inform you via email before increasing the NRD amount. We will give a deadline by which the new NRD amount needs to have been paid. If the NRD amount has not been paid by the deadline, your order will be canceled and the amount paid will be kept as the non-refundable deposit. 


7.     System’s formulas

·      How are monthly payment amounts calculated?

(‘product price’ - ‘non-refundable deposit’) / ‘number of months in payment plan’ = ‘monthly payment amount’


Therefore, if you order a product on a 12-month payment plan for $1499 with a $100 NRD, the monthly payment amount will be:

($1499 - $100) / 12 = $116.58 per month


When the NRD increases to $250, the system will calculate:

($1499 - $250) / 12 = $104.08 per month


·      How does the system calculate what I should have paid by a specific point in time?

The system determines how much you should have paid by a certain point in time using the following formula:

‘non-refundable deposit’ + (‘monthly payment amount’ x ‘number of months that have passed since first payment’) = ‘amount that should be paid by a certain date’


Therefore, using the same example as above, when you NRD is $100 and 4 months have passed since you placed the order, the system will calculate that you should have paid:

$100 + ($116.58 x 3) = $449.79 should have been paid by the 4th month after having placed the order


When the NRD increases to $250, the system will calculate:

$250 + ($104.08 x 3) = $562.24 should have been paid by the 4th month after having placed the order


8.     Payment methods available

We offer several payment options for your payment plans. Please see the Ordering at Jazzinc page for all the payment methods available. 


9.     Tracking the status of your payment plan

Log in to your account on the website to track your payment plan. On the Orders tab of your account, are all the orders you have placed. A picture of the products you ordered, along with a brief summary of the order status, when a product was ordered, how much it cost, how much is still due, and the length of the payment plan will appear on this main page. Click on the "View Order" button next to an order to see more information about the payment plan. At the bottom of the "View Order" page, you'll see the due dates for each monthly payment remaining, and the amount due for each payment. 

To make a payment, go back to the "Orders" page, and click "Make Payment" next to the order you wish to pay. You will be taken to a page that gives you 3 payment options:
1. 'Fill monthly' - choose this if you want to pay the pre-calculated monthly payment
2. 'Fill total' - choose this if you want to pay the remaining balance of your order
3. Type in your own custom amount - choose this if you want to pay an amount different from the pre-calculated monthly payment or the remaining balance

The remaining balance of your order will always appear in the banner next the picture of your order on the "Orders" page of your account. 

Order status: When a payment plan is in the process of being paid off, your order will have the status "Partially Paid". When the payment plan has been complete, your order will have the status "Product fully paid". If the status of the order is “New”, this means the payment has not been received. 

When production is completed and your order has been completely paid for, you’ll receive an email that the shipping costs have been added to the order. We will charge that as late as possible so we have the most accurate shipping costs.

10.     Can I skip a monthly payment?
Yes, no problem. If you are on a manual payment plan, you can postpone payment. We do appreciate you keeping on track, as this indicates the order is still active. When we haven't seen payment come in for a few months, you'll receive an extra notification that you're behind on payments and that we would appreciate (any) payment come in, so we know you're still there and are aware of the order.

If the end of your payment plan has been reached and your product is in stock (or about to be finished in the batch you're scheduled in), you have 1 month to complete your payment. If we haven't received your payment in full and thus have to stock your order, late fees will be added to your order. We will add late fees to your order for 3 months in a row. If your order has not been fully paid by then, we'll cancel your order due to inactivity. You'll forfeit the non-refundable deposit and we'll deduct the late fees that were added from the amount to be refunded.

If you need to make arrangements about payments, please reach out to

11. Late fees
When your payment schedule has ended and the product you ordered is in stock, we expect you to be paid in full (product and shipping charge) within a month after your payment plan ended or your product was finished (whichever comes last). This way we don’t have to store your product for too long, which will take up precious space in our storage facilities and will result in late fees.


To avoid these late fees ($25 a month), make sure to finalise payment on your orders (product and shipping charges) in time.


Late fees will be added to an order for 3 months. If the order has not been paid in full by then, the order is subject to cancellation. You'll forfeit the non-refundable deposit and the late fees charges will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. 

12.      Want to know more about our Payment plans?

You can check out our FAQ-page. If your question isn’t there or the answer isn’t completely covering your question, mail us at