Ordering at Jazzinc
Jazzinc Dioramas is a 1/6 and 1/12 collectibles collective serving the needs of the collector community. Because of the passion of the community and its continued support, we can design, prototype and, finally, produce our signature high-end, limited edition collectibles only once we have enough support to make a production possible.

From the time we announce a new project up until the final product is ready for distribution, you have the opportunity to reserve a slot in the project simply by placing a pre-order.

But keep in mind that expert craftsmanship doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, our near-obsessive attention to detail requires months of research, prototyping and manufacturing. So when you order an item through Jazzinc Dioramas, remember that your collectible is a while off, but we promise it’ll be worth the wait.

We understand that when it comes to paying for collectibles that the fans like to have options. Therefore, when you order from Jazzinc, you can either pay the total price when pre-ordering, or you can choose from a payment plan option, which you can read about more here. Whatever works best for you. 

Prices are shown excluding VAT. If VAT is applicable, based on whether you're located in a EU or non EU country, the value added tax is added to the price as soon as we have your shipping address. That's when you've logged in and filled out your shipping address, or have added this information on the shopping cart page. The VAT tariff is dependent on the EU country you are in.

Please note that only by making the (first) payment you are secure of a slot in production. If you've ordered but the first payment did not go through, we'll cancel your order (after we've sent you a reminder once and gave you some time to respond of course).

Payment methods
We offer a variety of payment methods. Please see the table below for the payment methods that are available in varying situations:For wallet options (Apple Pay, Google Pay), you choose Credit card. On the next page, you'll see the wallet option. You must be logged in to Google (for Google Pay) and/or have Appel Pay enabled for these options to appear. Also, for Google Pay, you need to use Chrome. If you've authenticated Link, only Link will appear (not Google Pay).

Shipping Dates 
Shipping dates listed at the product page and in your account are only estimates and we do not guarantee them.

When you’re creating identical recreations of our favorite vehicles and dioramas, there are a number of unpredictable variables which may occur, many of which are out of our control. That’s what happens when you’re in the pursuit of perfection. And as a result, we must emphasize that patience is recommended.
If during production or during shipment of the first batch, we determine that improvements are necessary, we may delay further shipments until those improvements are made. Of course, we will notify you if that happens via our Facebook group, the news page, the news letter and a direct email. Transparency and communication are essential to the Jazzinc way.

Shipping & Shipping Costs 
When it comes to shipping worldwide, we try our best to make the costs manageable. In fact, Jazzinc doesn’t charge for packing and handling, so you’re paying only what the shipper itself is charging us--which, according to our contractual agreement, is shipping at a 38% discount. That means we’re passing on a discount of more than a ⅓ of the shipping costs to you instead of keeping it for ourselves. 

Now, because shipping rates are changing all the time, we’ll invoice you for shipping
a) once the product is available and
b) after completion of payment for your order

Please keep in mind that as high-end, premium products, we are looking for the best shipping options available and the shipping costs may reflect that.

Moreover, since there’s so much time in-between product announcement and actual shipment, our initial estimates could be off. Yes, it happens. We wish we could get those estimates exact, but the shipping industry is in constant flux and changing by the day, so we do the best we can. If the shipping rates are too pricey for you, we are willing to hold your item until they reach a price point that you’re more comfortable with and can ship the item out then. Just reach out to us at that point and we’ll help you out.

Your international order may be subject to surcharges, such as import duties and taxes, which are incurred once a shipment reaches your destination country. All such surcharges are your responsibility as the customer, so please keep that in mind when you order!

Tracking your order
When we've shipped your order, your tracking number will be sent in a separate email from ParcelParcel when your package is picked up by the carrier. Please keep an eye on your spam/junk mailbox as well as your inbox for this email. 
If the package hasn't arrived in 10 business days or if tracking says it's delivered, but you haven't received it, it's important to send us a message immediately so we can follow up.

We can only report shipments not delivered and are only due for claiming insurance on lost packages within a month after shipment.

Life happens. Priorities change. Tough decisions need to be made. As collectors ourselves, we know this. 
If you need to make the difficult decision of canceling your order, we will accommodate your request and refund your payments minus the non-refundable deposit.* 

Email us for a cancellation request. Our system requires us to process cancellations manually.  

*Regarding the non-refundable deposit: it’s not ideal. In a perfect scenario, we’d give you back 100% of your payments. But as a small business that makes products to order, we have to factor the administrative and payment costs and the materials ordered and used. And all of those expenses are compensated by a nonrefundable amount (which is stated on the productpage and will also be specified on your order). We thank you for your understanding.

When we're not yet in production, the pre-production phase NRD applies (listed on your order). The NRD amount will be adjusted once we're in production. The amount that applies at any moment is shown on your order. The NRD amount doesn't affect the total amount you'll pay for your order, but rather it is a portion of the total amount you pay for your order. It's only significant if you want to cancel your order. If the product is not yet in production the NRD is lower than once we've gone into production.

When you place your order on a payment plan, we request that you pay at least the non-refundable deposit (NRD) amount to secure your order. If you place a pre-order before we go into the production phase, the NRD will be lower. Once we move into production, the NRD will increase to up to 30% of the value of the product. When this happens, we require all customers to have paid a minimum of this new NRD amount to keep their order. We will send a curtesy email to all customers before the NRD amount increase, giving advance notice of the NRD increase and the new amount. You will have until a certain date to reach the minimum payment amount (if you have not already reached this simply by following your regular payment plan schedule). If you have not paid the new NRD amount by the deadline, we will cancel the order. 

The NRD is a portion of the total cost of the product. It is not an additional fee. So, when we increase the NRD amount we are simply asking that you put more money toward the total cost of your product, and therefore, that you get closer to completing the payments on your order. In most cases, if you have been following the regular schedule of your payment plan, you will have already paid the new NRD amount by the time the NRD increases.

Adding Products to Your Order
We never stop thinking about modifications and improvements--it’s all due to our passion and obsession to detail. Because of those qualities shared by all of us at Jazzinc, there are times in which products you’ve already ordered get extension kits, expansions or DX updates. 

If you’re the kind of collector that always goes “deluxe,” then just place a new order for the upgrades which will be available as kits, expansions or upgrades separate from the product you’ve already ordered. We’ll combine it with the original order and ship them together, or separately depending on your specific payment arrangement. 

Order Updates
From announcement to shipment, it’s a process that requires time. But Jazzinc feels that transparency is important and so, we’ll inform you of progress and delays as much as possible through multiple channels that include Facebook, YouTube and, of course, on our Jazzinc news page 

But if you’d like to stay on top of all things Jazzinc related, be sure to sign up for our newsletter here which will keep you informed of announcements, product changes, shipping statuses and, hopefully, coupon codes. 

Late fees
When your payment schedule has ended and the product you ordered is in stock, we expect you to be paid in full (product and shipping charge) within a month after your payment plan ended or your product was finished (whichever comes last). This way we don’t have to store your product for too long, which will take up precious space in our storage facilities and will result in late fees.
To avoid these late fees ($25 a month), make sure to finalise payment on your orders (product and shipping charges) in time.
Late fees will be added to an order for 3 months. If the order has not been paid in full by then, the order is subject to cancellation. You'll forfeit the non-refundable deposit and the late fees charges will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.