About us

As with all great stories, it starts with the Death Star. 

Before he was Jazzinc’s founder, Joost Assink began collecting Hot Toys’ ⅙ A New Hope line and as his collection started to grow, he wondered if he could develop a display capable of holding at least ten posed figures. Joost spent months designing, prototyping, and building a Death Star Diorama and eventually shared his results with the ⅙ community. 

The response was so enthusiastic that Joost was compelled by fellow collectors to develop a Death Star Diorama kit for their collections. And while it wasn’t quite the Force that helped produce the initial batch, Joost’s retired father did, and the kit became a huge success.

Word spread, as did the requests for new projects. And now, years later, Jazzinc is producing four different lines of products: the ⅙ Budget line, the Deluxe Detolf line, the Truscale line and the Ultimate Scale. The latter two were made for display within the IKEA Detolf glass cabinet, while the former are not restricted by size nor budget.     

From the beginning, it’s always been about the collector community and it will continue to be that way far into the future. Jazzinc is always developing new products from different franchises, and will continue to engage the fan community and respond to their demands whether it’s a Batmobile or a landspeeder. 

Thanks for your support and for joining us along on this incredible adventure. 

Meet our team

  • Chiara Francolino

    Support Officer

  • Joost Assink


  • Leon Assink

    Administrative and warehouse

  • Luuk Assink

    QC, Website, Projectmanagement

  • Nicholas Tijhuis

    QC and interim Support officer

  • Janneke Assink

    Back office, website, bookkeeping