PRE ORDER 1/6 scale Die-Cast Batman (1966) Batcycle with Sidecar, Ultimate Signature Edition

1/6 scale Die-Cast Batman (1966) Batcycle with Sidecar, Ultimate Signature Edition

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$1,399.00 Ex. VAT


“To the Batcycle, Robin!”

As voted for by the fans, Jazzinc proudly presents the iconic Batcycle from the 1966 Batman series in die-cast ⅙ scale. 

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Designed by Tom Daniel for the Batman movie and based on a modified Yamaha DT1 Catalina 250cc, this faithful recreation is camp incarnate of the highest quality. In fact, just looking at it may have you imagining “pow!” and “bam!” word bubbles popping up all around you. 

And just like the entire Jazzinc collectibles line, every detail has been obsessively researched despite, in this instance, a nearly six decade passage of time. From the hand painted pinstriping details, to the batwing design elements, to the detachable sidecar with a scaled engine that transforms into Robin’s very own go-kart, the Batcycle w/ Sidecar Ultimate ⅙ Edition is a must-have for all ‘66 Batman fans and will display beautifully alongside the Jazzinc Batman (1966) Batmobile.

As the years pass, the nostalgia for all things Batman ‘66 increases—likely, because it’s reminiscent of a time in which heroism was both joyous and virtuous. The Jazzinc 1966 Batcycle will help you revisit those vibrant memories whenever you see it displayed within your collection.   

Every Bat-cycle comes with a limited edition signed and numbered plaque. 

Officially licensed by Warner Bros/DC Comics
Limited Edition Collectible

  • Length 40.64 cm / 16 inches
  • Width 27.94 cm/ 11 inches
  • Height 17.78 cm / 7 inches

1/6 scale Batman (1966) Batcycle, Ultimate Edition includes:  

  • Die cast Bat-cycle with sidecar
  • Separate Robin Cart
  • Numbered Limited Edition Signature plate
  • Light up features 
  • Moveable parts
  • Rubber rotating tires

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40.64 cm / 16.00 in
27.94 cm / 11.00 in
17.78 cm / 7.00 in
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Cool!! Can't wait!


I’m hurt! I didn’t make the first one hundred. I hope I get to move up or Burt Ward signs some more! Either way, it’s a great day for the Batman Fan. Now my Batmobile has company!


Any way to get metal rims?? Or maybe just the spokes??? Only hoping to see this for this Batbike. PLEASE!!!!!!! R.Bragg


Hi Robin! In terms of manufacturing, it’s most likely that the spoke will be made of plastic, for manufacturing reasons. But there will be around a dozen parts that are going to be die cast metal.


How do you know if your one of the Bert Ward signature Batbike?? Thanks R.Bragg


I do have 2 signed pics of him and Adam West. One for the 66 Batmobile and for this. But it would be great if i was one of the Bert Ward Signed Batbike.


Hi Robin, It's not 100% certain yet that we'll have Burt Ward's signature on the plaque, but if we do, everyone will get one.


Is the seat going to be fabric?? It looks like it in the pics. Thanks!!


We don't know for sure yet, but most likely, yes


Please consider an additional benefit to those of us who preordered on opening day and paid in full on that day; e.g., lower plate no., etc. Thanks.


If you order on opening day, you definitely get a lower plate number, but other than that it is first come first serve.


It is October 8, 2023. Is it safe to say if you order the BatCycle, it will not come with a signed Burt Ward, correct?


Actually, YES, it will definitely come with Burt Ward's signature. All orders will come with Burt Wards signature on a numbered plate.


Joost I purchased the 1966 and 2022 Batmobile. I am looking forward to the Batcycle. Do you know if the Burt Ward auto is guaranteed for orders placed now?


Hi John, thank you for your longtime support. Yes, it is guaranteed.


Super Excited to get this BatCycle! I love my 1966 BatMobile. You guys do incredible work! Aaron

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