IN STOCK 1/12 Ultimate BvS Batmobile Collectible Vehicle from Batman v Superman (2016)

1/12 Ultimate BvS Batmobile Collectible Vehicle from Batman v Superman (2016)

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While Jazzinc is focused on delivering on the best ⅙ vehicles to fans and collectors, sometimes the demand for smaller scale is just too passionate to ignore.


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Jazzinc presents all the expertise and craftsmanship we brought to the officially licensed Justice League ⅙ Batmobile, now in one-twelfth scale. Despite its size, you’ll find all the accurate details found in its larger counterpart–whether that’s the opening canopy doors, the detailed cockpit interior, suspension springs or functioning headlights. 
The Justice League 1/12 Batmobile is also available in an Ultimate version and an Ultimate DX, with all the aforementioned features included on both, and the DX is packaged with a kit that includes some very special upgrades listed below. No matter which version you go with, the Justice League 1/12 Batmobile will command a presence in your collection. Or as Aquaman so eloquently said, hell yeah. 

Measurements: 51cm (20.08 inches) x 27.1cm (10.67 inches) x 14 cm (5.51 inches)

The Justice League Batmobile, Ultimate includes: 
  • Functioning canopy doors
  • Detailed cockpit interior
  • Rotating rubber tires
  • Suspension springs
  • Poseable steering front wheels
  • Light-up headlights

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51 cm / 20.08 in
27.1 cm / 10.67 in
14 cm / 5.51 in
Suitable for/Fits in
Category / Version
1/12 scale

Box 1
58 cm
22.83 in
19 cm
7.48 in
4.80 kg


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