Latest Jazzinc Dioramas News

The Collectibles Collective

Welcome to our little project for and by the 1/6 community.  What started out as my dad and me making custom dioramas  for Star Wars 1/6 scale collectibles, has grown into a community of passionate collectors. Together we make the stuff that no-one else will make. Each piece is custom made to order in small batches. Then they are gone as we move on to the next project The sets we recreate are decided by popular vote on our closed Facebook Group. Please check out our Story here.

Our Diorama Product Range Explained

The Budget Range is our entry level product line, all below $200, designed to be small enough to fit inside an Ikea Detolf or stand alone without taking up valuable display space. Our Deluxe product line is the most complete offering in our Small scale dioramas (designed to fit inside Ikea Detolf Displays or stand alone), all below the $300 threshold. Our TruScale line of dioramas is our Medium size, where our size and budget is larger, and so the results are more impressive. Designed to stand alone or fit inside the Ikea Besta and Stuva range of display frames. Finally, our Ultimate line is designed to be the crown jewel, the center piece of your 1/6 scale collection. Not restricted by size or budget, this is reserved for the most popular (and large) scenes.

Limited Edition 1/6 Movie Sets for your Hot Toys

Since me and my dad make small runs of our diorama designs, everything you buy from us will be among the most limited edition collectible pieces you own. Even if the diorama doesn’t come with a numbered plate (like the Detolf range), you can rest assured that your Jazzinc Diorama will be the most limited edition piece in your collection

High Quality Materials

We make our diorama displays from high quality materials, like aircraft grade aluminium, perspex and forex. We use very little plastics, to give them excellent durability, and a real industrial feel. You get what you pay for.