What started out as a hobby project for myself, has now careened out of control into this large collective project for the 1/6 scale community, thanks to their tremendous support. And thanks to my wife, I am now able to host our projects on this site, allowing people to see all that’s available, read specifications and order using many methods of payment.


So how did all this come to be?

Well, inspired by images I saw online, I decided I wanted to design a centerpiece for my own collection. Because Hot Toys had just released their ‘A New Hope’ line of  figures, I wanted a large Death Star display that could hold 8 to 10 figures at least.

After months of designing, prototyping and building it was finally done and I was very pleased with the results.


Community response

The response I got when I shared my results with the community was overwhelming. I kept getting requests to sell them. However, since I have a full-time job and a family, I didn’t think that was possible. Also, the unit was so heavy and large that shipping it intact would be impossible once assembled.

So, at first I only offered my designs and plans for sale. However, most people didn’t feel up to trying this on their own so after the umpteenth request, someone suggested I’d redesign it so it would be an easy kit to assemble, like an IKEA piece.

We managed to get enough pre-orders to start a batch. I had solved the time issue by recruiting my retired dad to help me. And so it started. The large kit became a success and people began asking for more: different designs, different sizes and different price points. That’s when I started designs based on community feedback and requests.


Our product lines

Now, we have four lines of products, all for the 1/6 scale collector, even though we might expand into other scales in the future. Our 1/6 scale line starts with the Budget series, designed for those with a limited budget and limited space. Also designed to fit inside the most popular display space of the IKEA Detolf or stand alone on a book shelf for instance.

Then we come to the second product line which is the deluxe Detolf line. Based around the same size parameters, but with a larger budget, we are able to add light-up features, side walls and the ceiling to this line. Designed to either stand alone in your own display space or fit inside one shelf of the IKEA Detolf.

Our medium sized line is called the Truscale line where we are not restricted by the size of the Detolf scale and have a larger budget to make pieces that are more impressive and as close to actual 1/6 scale as it is manageable and possible. We did decide to take practical display options into account and that is why this line is designed to fit inside the popular IKEA Besta and Stuva range.

Finally, the ultimate scale started with the product that started everything, the very large death star display that will be offered for the most popular environments and dioramas where neither space nor your budget is an issue.


Future plans

Right now, we will focus on the original trilogy of the Star Wars franchise, but we plan to expand into other movies and franchises starting 2018.

Because we exist because of, and for, the 1/6 scale community, we encourage you to contact us for any questions, feedback or suggestions. You can contact us on our email address, Facebook page and YouTube channel

Thank you for your tremendous support! It’s been quite an adventure so far. We are looking forward to what you’ll have us do next year!


-Hans & Joost