The Bespin Gantry Diorama: “I am your Father”! The Classic Cloud City Duel!

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Today marks the start of a new diorama design. I am very excited about it! The Bespin Gantry diorama has been much requested and not surprisingly so of course. The Cloud City Duel is the most iconic scene of all Star Wars movies, the most quoted dialogue, and it is the emotional and dramatic climax of the original trilogy: That duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker on the windy Bespin Gantry where Vader reveals *SPOILER ALERT* that he is Luke’s father… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


1/6 scale TruScale prototyping

Now comes the hard part and the fun part! Creating a 3D model, while figuring out which parts to include, which parts to exclude. But we also need to figure out how to make it. Because we do such very limited runs, it’s impossible to make a plastic injection mold and just produce a thousand of more plastic parts like Sideshow or Hot Toys would do. Our runs are usually no more than 50 pieces, so making a $50,000 mold is out of the question. But that is the fun part!


Quality materials and details in very Limited Edition

How do you make a detailed and high quality diorama that can be produced 50 times at a reasonable cost. That takes some thinking, planning and engineering. So, even though today marks the start of that process, it’ll be a few months yet before we have a working prototype to show you. Please be patient and bear with us!


The first images

Just imagine your Hot Toys DX07 Luke Skywalker battling it out in 1/6 scale with the upcoming Empire Strikes Back Hot Toys Darth Vader on this beautiful and iconic gantry!

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    This would look awesome . I would want one to display

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