That’s why I love doing what we do at Jazzinc Dioramas

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We get a lot of customer emails at Jazzinc Dioramas. I love reading the passionate and excited feedback. I love that we can make you feel that Star Wars excitement again. Especially if people tell us it’s been gone for a while. Every once in a while, those emails come with pictures and I love it when I’m bowled over by the images. Sometimes, it’s like looking at what you would swear to be screenshots from the movie. So I thought I’d share them this time.

Thanks for these great pictures Will Bonilla! That’s why I love doing this! I loved your excited message and your pictures make our Tantive Service Corridor diorama look better than I thought possible. THANKS!

I also love the look of his Hot Toys TFA R2D2. What is your favourite 1/6 scale R2D2 to date? Please let us know in the comments


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