Shipping Update: Iron Scavenger Batch 1

Batch 1 of the Iron Scavenger Expected to Ship at Beginning of November

If you paid your Iron Scavenger order off before October 1st, 2021, then your order will ship in this first batch! We expect to begin shipping this batch in the second week of November, if all goes according to plan.

You can check the status of your order on your Jazzinc account. If you see the status “Shipping charged”, that means you have a shipping charge invoice waiting to be paid. Check your email inbox for this invoice and pay it before October 24th to ensure your order will ship as soon as the Iron Scavenger is ready! If you see the status “Ready for Shipment”, then you have paid for the product and shipping! There’s nothing left to do but wait for your order to ship.

Thank you for your purchase!

– Joost, family, and Chiara

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