Shipping Update: 1/6 Hoth Rebel Base Hallway Detolf Deluxe diorama – 2nd Run

Hoth Rebel Base Hallway Dioramas will ship at the end of October!

We have a batch of 1/6 Hoth Rebel Base Hallway Detolf Deluxe dioramas that will be ready to ship at the end of October.

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If you have not yet finished paying off your order, we encourage you to do so by logging into your account. Your scheduled payments will be in the Scheduled tab, and your overdue payments will be in Order tab.
Want to help us out?
If you are on a payment plan, but can afford to pay your order off early, that would help us out a lot. Both the money and the space tied up in these products is something we don’t have much of. So if you can, you would help us out a lot by paying off earlier than the payment plan if you are able to. Thank you so much from the whole team!
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If your order has already been paid in full (statuses Paid, Pre Ordered, Processing, or Completed), then you will be receiving a shipping charge invoice in the next couple of weeks. Paying this will ensure that, when the diorama is ready to ship, it will ship to you immediately! 
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You can check your order status on your Jazzinc account
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When it says Pending payment or Partially Paid, you haven’t paid in full yet.

Log in to your website account to make the payments. Let us know if you have any trouble or questions regarding the payments. 

Thanks all!

– Joost, family, and Chiara

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