Project update on the Iron Scavenger

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First production batch will ship Q4

The shipment of the first batch of Iron Scavengers will be delayed by about 4 to 5 weeks due to the changes the Jazzinc Facebook Group Community requested upon seeing the first production samples in the early reviews of August. 

As per their request we have changed the color and material of the leather jacket collar as well as the shape of the clear acrylic plates that hold up the wings and finally we increased the strength and stiffness of the rods to make even more dynamic poses possible. We trust that you are happy with these three changes and upgrades when you receive yours!

The exact delivery schedule is still uncertain because of international transport and container issues from our suppliers which can unfortunately add weeks of delay as we’ve experienced earlier this year. For now, we assume delivery of the first batch of Iron Scavengers late October/early November, but know that we can’t guarantee. So be prepared for the first batch of Iron Scavengers to be shipped somewhere in Q4.


If you are scheduled in batch 1 (you have received an email if that’s the case) your order needs to be paid in full before October 1st. You’ll receive the actual shipping charge invoice in the first weeks of October. If we haven’t received your payment in full before October 1st, your order will be moved to the second batch.

Thanks all!

– Joost, family and Chiara

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