My thank you letter to the wonderful One Sixth Community:

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I was looking at the incredible death Star animation that Robert Dreischor made for the death Star window and I realized it wouldn’t have existed, were it not for his ideas and support. Then I started looking around and realized that if it wasn’t for the ideas, support and positive energy of the one sixth community, all but my very first diorama wouldn’t have existed. Every last one that came after that could be traced back to the ideas and support of one or several community members.


I would’ve only had that one large death Star diorama and that would’ve been it. So thank you, for pushing me beyond what I had deemed possible, even in my wildest dreams. I am honored and warmed every day by the support and trust I receive and it humbles me. The amount of work required also allowed me to get closer to my father, who offered to help me when things got too much. Now I see him on a daily basis, I love working with him and he really enjoys being useful in his retirement and is surprised that people actually know his name. So I also thank you on behalf of my dad.


So, it only seems fitting to thank you by sharing my favorite customer images. It is so nice to make people happy with what you do and they in turn surprise you with their generosity and creativity.


So, thank you. Without you we wouldn’t be here now. We hope to serve you for many years to come!


Thank you, Joost and Hans



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  1. davidgs400
    | Reply

    I hope I get to buy everything you make because everything you make is just AWESOME!

    • joost
      | Reply

      Thank you so much!!!!

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