Making a Death Star Window diorama with actual animated screen for Rogue One and Tarkin!

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We’ve teased some video in an earlier news post. This idea I cannot take credit for. It was suggested to me by the excellent Robert Dreischor who was been a very loyal customer and collaborator for the past years. He suggested having a display with an actual screen with a movie playing on it in a loop would be cool. Especially with the Governor Tarkin release and his excellent role in both Episode IV and in Star Wars Rogue One. Preorder yours here.


The Design

As Robert worked on making the actual animations (some completely by hand because the screen caps were unusable), we set out to make designs for the wall that surrounds the window. It is quite difficult to make, as the shape on the top of the screen has very weird bend in it. Luckily, I got a 3d drawing from another excellent friend, Hector Gonzales which was a good starting point. It was the Death Star 2 window, which has the same window shape, but a different surround than on Death Star 1.

As you can see, the shapes surrounding the actual window have deep recesses that aren’t there in the Death Star 1. So we went ahead and redesigned it while Robert was working on his animations. Here is an artist rendering of what the Wall for Death Star v1 should look like:


Screen with animation

Now Imagine the screen you see with the planet of Alderaan in the picture above actually being animated like in the movie. In the youtube video below you can get a glimpse of that that would look like. You can pre-order the design here.

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