Justice Mobile news! First small scale paint and weathering sample. Plus MISB interview with video

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OK, here is a paint and weather sample I made of a smaller scale unit we use for prototyping the 1/6 scale Batmobile. It had to be movie accurate and reproducible 100 times. What do you guys think? Any feedback?
Now we will take what we’ve learned to a larger scale. Also, we will go to several iterations of the paint and weathering, so nothing is final yet, but we are on our way!
Here is the MISB Batmobile Podcast interview with video and pictures. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hong
    | Reply

    1. is the product shipped to overseas? e.g. Hong Kong?
    2. Is that possible to put 1/6 hot toys batman figure inside the mobile?
    3. Will you consider to make a product of batmobile of Arkham Knight ? I wish I can get the product in hand one day in 1/6 scale!
    Thank you ~

    • Joost Assink
      | Reply

      Yes it’s in US dollars
      1. I do 95% overseas shipping and have many Hong Kong customers
      2. Yes you can put hot toys batman in it
      3. No plans for Arkham, but for the 1966 batmobile probably

  2. skip.mcfarlane
    | Reply

    Why is the video “Private”?

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