Delay for the 1966 Mobile

Bad news on the beginning of this new year. Due to requested upgrades, changes and the sequenced lights in the Ultimate DX version, together with delays in production on our other products, we’ve had to reschedule the release of the 1966 Mobile (base and DX version). 

The first batch is now scheduled for September 2021. Check the product page for the estimated shipping table. 

Good news is it will be extra epic and it will include all the things and upgrades we have learnt from the production and shipping of the Justice mobile and Falcon Cockpit.

We\’d rather ship out something that is as perfect as we are capable of making than shipping out something faster without these upgrades and changes. 

Thank you for your patience, support and understanding!

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  1. Jack Hrovatin
    | Reply

    Please tell what additional body changes were done to this 1966 mobile? I’m not speaking about wiring, digital light sequencing etc.

  2. jaimezamora010
    | Reply

    So due the production delay, the payment plan already set it will be also postpone in order to match it with the new release date?

    • Joost Assink
      | Reply

      The software doesn’t support changing those dates, but you can hold off on the payments if you want

  3. Tommy Patton
    | Reply

    Thanks for the update! I know this will be an epic piece, and I’m satisfied to patiently wait for the final reward of your family’s hard work. And…I’ll have plenty of time to pay it off! 🙂

  4. Troy Santiago
    | Reply

    Take whatever time you guys need. Ill trust you👍👍👍

  5. Evans SCHRICKE
    | Reply

    No worries for my part … I am looking forward to my Cockpit at first … And my payment plan for the Batmobile 66 ends in August 2021 so everything is perfect, especially if it is to have a perfect end product … Thank you !!! …

  6. Neil Bamford
    | Reply

    I’ve waited a million years for this so I’m quite prepared to wait a little longer, especially if it is gonna be even better 👍

  7. Ray
    | Reply

    Take as much time as you need. Your products are always excellent!

  8. Craig Chambers
    | Reply

    I have wanted one these since I was 8 years old and have waited 50 years for someone like Joost to dedicate themselves to such a monumental task. What is a few more months.. in the grander scheme of things this is not a big deal. It will be worth the wait!!

  9. Jack Hrovatin
    | Reply

    So, no problems with getting it correct or changes associated with making it more accurate are the problem? It’s just that you fell behind? I’m just being curious, as it sounded as if all correcting of the body inaccuracies were “Nailed Down” and that the initial delay due to this was all sorted out. Of course I’m willing to wait…..but hoping that this isn’t going to be a reoccurring issue!

  10. Jack Hrovatin
    | Reply

    Please don’t look poorly upon me exercising a healthy amount of curiosity. I’ve ordered two of these….so obviously I’m keenly interested in them being produced! I want you to succeed in this…I’m fully supporting your effort!

  11. bretttuzas
    | Reply

    thanks for the up date as it will work out fine with my payments…also my birthday is in September looking forward for the perfect 1966 Batmobile.

  12. Scott
    | Reply

    I’m OK with it because I’m planning on being buried with mine when I die so this just means I will live longer.

  13. Jeremy Koerner
    | Reply

    Thank you for the update, Joost.

    Take all the time needed. No concern here at all merely gratitude for you taking on such a great endeavour.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    Murderously Yours,


  14. Gabriel Rivera
    | Reply

    Thank you for the up date. Give me more time to make room to display it. Thanks again.

  15. R. Lee Barrett
    | Reply

    I’m sure it will be worth the wait. thank you for the update.

  16. peter albanese
    | Reply

    No worries! This piece will be epic and is well worth the wait!!

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