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  1. Todd Skogen
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    I am looking forward to receiving the Batmobile. I own a full size Batmobile that I started building back in 2003. I have bought some of my parts from Mark Racup in Indiana. I also visited his shop this past August. The only thing I see from the latest photos, is the hole in the back window trim. I have never seen that hole in any of the batmobiles I have seen, nor is it in mine. Just making a comment.

  2. chuckebaby143
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    Hi Joost, so far so great, looking better and better. By the way I want you to know I support you 100% when it comes to the beautiful work you do. With that being said I was pissed off when I found out you did not get the licensing rights for the BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 DELOREAN. I could not believe the amount of people who were happy that HOT TOYS got the licensing rights and not you because the price might might be way up there for them. I personally would gladly fork up the extra bucks and would of purchased it from you. That is because I know your kind of a perfectionist when it comes to your work, with that being said it,s there lost as well. Thank You JOOST

  3. Graham Sykes
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    Batmobile looks fantastic! Cannot wait to take delivery
    (hope I ordered in the initial batch).
    Great work- you’re true artists!


  4. Steve
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    Hi, Joost you couldn’t have made it any better. So much detail & so much of your time, energy & money. Excellent work.

  5. Robin Bragg
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    Crying out loud! Shaking with joy! Wife not to happy asking with all your other Batmobiles and figures where you going to put it? Than you can guess what happen next when I showed her the Joost other Batstuff I have coming. She told me I only get one of the spare bedrooms. Then I gave her the good news, she’s helping me remodel that bedroom to make room for all other Batstuff and what’s to come next. So I bribed her with a sewing room so she can make my 66 Batman & Robin costumes. Got everything for those fiberglass cowl and materials. Win win for me. ROFLMFAO!!

  6. Frank
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    Hi, there is a hole at the bottom of rear window, I’ve seen it in a few episodes. Well done Joost,, the car looks fantastic. Can I ask what the backdrop of the batcave is or where I can aquire for my display cabinet ready for my order. Thanks

  7. John-Paul Edwards-Smith
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    That is so beautiful, I’m on the edge of my seat. I’ve dreamed of this since I was 7 years old. Thank you all so very much.

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