Ultimate BvS Wing – Yes or no

We haven’t yet made the required numbers to get this off the ground. We have until October 7th. If we don’t make the numbers then, your order will be cancelled. Please support if you are interested. Thanks!

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  1. David Chestnut
    | Reply

    I want this so bad but it’s just too massive at 1/6. This is one that if you go 1/12 it will be sold out so fast. I would buy one ASAP. Along with the 1/12 Justice Mobile. It’s a set and a scale issue. Go 1/12 PLEASE! I will put my money where my mouth is right now if you do! Can we start calling you “The Dream Maker”

    Thank for all you do!!

  2. Batman
    | Reply

    I hope you remain with the 1/6 joost being a collector isn’t always easy, but there are something’s that are for the elite and collecting this stuff is just that. It’s the reason hot toys makes detailed 1/6 figures. Please make it happen, it can be a small batch.

    • Jazzinc
      | Reply

      Don’t worry. I intend to keep the 1/6 scale as my main focus

  3. sirsamy
    | Reply

    Please 1/12 too ¡¡¡
    great job guys ¡¡

  4. S L
    | Reply

    I want it…. but I wouldn’t know what to do with it. This thing has the footprint of like 6 of the justice batmobiles.

  5. Phennessy
    | Reply

    I’ve been praying for a 1/6th scale version of this Batwing for eons. I’m ready to commit.

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