Look what you made me do!

Look what you made me do! 😉

1/6 Snowspeeder Prep: Please provide input and reference

Look what you made me do! So now that the 1/6 snowspeeder is in the design phase, please give as much feedback and input as you can, so I don't have to fix later on. Saving cost and time! Thanks!Pre-order: https://jazzincdioramas.com/product/1-6-ultimate-dx-snowspeeder-diorama-set-for-hot-toys-and-sideshow-luke-skywalker/

Gepostet von JazzInc Dioramas am Samstag, 12. September 2020

So now that the 1/6 snowspeeder is in the design phase, please give as much feedback and input as you can, so I don’t have to fix later on.

You can either type your feedback below this post, beneath the FB post or in the Jazzinc community FB group.

Saving cost and time! Much appreciated, thanks!

You can reserve a slot in production by placing your pre order for the Ultimate DX Snowspeeder. It’s estimated to be released August 2021. Read more about the Jazzinc Snowspeeder in the product details:

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  1. David Chestnut
    | Reply

    Before I asked if you were making this I was on a quest to make my own in 1/6. The full size prop and miniature models had major differences. The actual prop had a bottom tub for the cockpit that would not otherwise be able to fit 2 full size actors so it extended down beyond the boundaries of the speeders underside. The smaller models had pilots heads and shoulders that really could not fit in the design but looked really good. That being said. I had to slightly enlarge mine so that the pilot could actually sit up right as opposed to laying down. The Hasbro Black series 6″ is a perfect scaled combination of the full size prop with the design of the smaller models. Aside from the cannon barrels being too fat and the harpoon gun lacks detail. It is as close as you are going to get when blown up to 1/6. Please keep me in the loop as I have done my homework on this vehicle for a long time and would be happy to provide feedback. JUST WOW AGAIN!

    • Joost Assink
      | Reply

      Dear David,

      Thank you for your kind message and help. I’ve sent you an email to pick your brain.

  2. Matt
    | Reply

    Sadly I cannot help you regarding accuracy. But I wanted to say thank you for tackling one of my holy grails. My order has been placed.

  3. Graham White
    | Reply

    Looks like you have a great start on the piece. Surprised no one has mentioned or they may have the master replicas snow speeder which is assumed to be movie accurate for the minature. The black series snow speeder is nice but right off the bat I could see some finer details on the one Im looking at. On the weathering there are actual nicks out of the side wings. Barrels are hollow on the front and the panel looks completely different that the barrels are connected to compared to the black series.

    • Joost Assink
      | Reply

      Yes we have measured that one too. The black series was just for scale reference to fit a pilot

    | Reply

    I ordered this as well,what an awesome undertaking!!!!as everything else being made at jazzinc I’m sure this will turn out incredible!
    I believe this will have no laser cannons,well one can only hope it will change on that feature lol!in short if you love starwars and miss out on buying this amazing piece it will haunt you for years!

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