Upgrade to 1966 Ultimate DX


This item will be released March 31, 2021.



Upgrade your initial order of the 1966 Vehicle to the 1966 Ultimate DX version! We have tried to accommodate all the extra feature requests and bundled them in this DX version upgrade. This did require a redesign, most importantly to accommodate the custom PCB and the many wires and LEDs, which has pushed delivery to 2021.


Have you ordered the base version of the 1966 Vehicle and do you want to upgrade to the Ultimate DX version? By adding this ‘Upgrade to 1966 Ultimate DX’ you’ll receive the Ultimate DX version! YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO MODIFY YOUR VEHICLE TO DX SPECS. BY ORDERING THIS UPGRADE YOU WILL HAVE CHANGED YOUR ORDER TO THE ULTIMATE DX VERSION!

When production is complete and we’ll be ready to ship, we’ll check if both orders (for the base version and the upgrade) have been fully paid. Then you’ll receive the shipping charge invoice and we’ll ship as soon as the shipping charge is paid.

SPECS Upgrade to 1966 Ultimate DX

What does this upgrade include?

  • Leather seats
  • Cloth floor mats
  • Removable dashboard part for screen
  • Removable light-up flame for the rocket tube
  • Removable front Ram
  • And the most important part: Electronics
  • 22 LEDs
  • Remote Control for light-up features
  • 12v world power supply
  • Custom Jazzinc 1966 control PCB
  • Completely screen-accurate LED animation and patterns

The Light-Up Parts

To summarize, the custom Jazzinc 1966 Vehicle Printed Circuit Board remotely controls:

  • Dashboard five light chaser LEDs in correct animation pattern
  • Beacon
  • Side Roll bar emergency flashers
  • Rear Cockpit console light
  • Scope
  • Phone.
  • Animated multi color turbine lights
  • Head lights
  • Rear Tail lights
  • Ray lights.

Check out the full specs and measurements of the 1966 Ultimate DX at the product page


You will receive a shipping invoice when we are ready to ship, so you pay the actual prices. At current shipping prices (Sep 2020), these are the shipping costs to your region:

North America South America Europe Asia and Oceania
1966 Vehicle Ultimate DX $137.85 $398.82 $108.16 $245.8

There’s extra shipping charge for remote areas.


The 1966 Vehicle is currently in design phase. Any updates or changes in the planning will be announced on the product pages.

As soon as we have more details about those batches en when we’re about to ship, you’ll find it here.

Initial order placed in Estimated shipping
09/2019 – 11/2019 03/2021
12/2019 – 03/2020 05/2021
03/2020 – 08/2020 06/2021
09/2020 – TODAY 07/2021


When your order is scheduled for shipping, we’ll give you a notification so you can pay remaining balances, to check upon shipping address and the name on your custom nameplate. Once final payment is received, you’ll get the shipping charge invoice with the actual shipping costs at that moment.



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