The Signal – Die cast Searchlight for Detolf or Stand Alone


This item will be released April 16, 2021.

As the Collectors Collective we have democratically voted on which 1/6 scale item was highest on the wish list. Here is the winner. We call it, The Signal, based on a very specific WWII 60 inch search light, we will be able to offer this with die-cast parts. How much die cast parts depends on how many people support this project.

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We are very pleased to announce The Signal, with Die Cast parts, light-up features and switchable silhouettes!


  • Die cast parts
  • 15 inches high
  • fits in an Ikea Detolf
  • Light-up features
  • 6 different silhouettes from 6 different eras
  • including frame/stand
  • 38.7 cm wide
  • 20.7 cm deep
  • 38 cm high

All renders © Richard Money, used with permission


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