The Bat Signal – Searchlight from Batman v Superman (2016)

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This item will be released June 30, 2022.

Introducing the officially licensed Limited Edition Bat-Signal from the Batman v Superman movie in 1/6 scale. It will have light-up features. Figures are not included. Batman figures © Hot Toys Limited, all rights reserved.

Release date: Approximately Q3, 2022

*Prototype shown is not final. Pending licensor approval.
**Power supply included for collectible.
***Power required for LED light up function.
****Product details could be subjected to change without further notic

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We are very pleased to announce The Limited Edition Bat Signal, with light-up features and magnetic silhouette!

  • 47 cm high
  • Light-up features
  • Including frame/stand
  • Including world power supply





You will receive a shipping invoice when we are ready to ship, so you pay the actual price. At current shipping prices (August 2021), these are the shipping cost to your region:

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The Signal is currently in prototyping phase. That means production hasn’t started yet. We expect the first one to ship July 2022. Any updates or changes in the planning will be announced on the product pages and on the News-page.

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Start pre order – now Q3 2022


3 reviews for The Bat Signal – Searchlight from Batman v Superman (2016)

  1. Rene

    Necesito uno. Estaba emocionado por poder comprar
    Espero que pronto tengan más. Seré el primero en comprar la siguiente, por favor.

  2. Chris o’shea

    Hello all, this looks fantastic! I’am wondering is it still available? And if so how to purchase this, l pressed the pre order button but I don’t know what will happen next! Would l need to put down a deposit or pay monthly or pay in full! Please could you let me know! Plus l’am from the UK 🇬🇧 and because its in US Dollars how does the payment plan work?please can you let me know. Kind regards Chris

    • Support Jazzinc

      Hi Chris! When you click “Pre-Order Now” the item gets added to your cart immediately. If the “Pay in full” option is selected when you clicked on “Pre-Order Now”, you will be charged full price for the item at check-out. If the “Pay deposit” option is selected when you click on “Pre-Order Now”, then you will be charged the first instalment of a payment plan at check out.
      After you click “Pre-Order Now” the webpage won’t change, but there will be a little number 1 (or however many items you have) on the little shopping cart icon in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. When you hover over that icon, you’ll see what’s in your cart. You can click on the icon to go to your cart.
      Once you’re in your shopping cart, you can click on Proceed to Checkout to proceed with making the payment for your order. You can use PayPal or credit card. Please see for more information about making payments, and here for more information about shipping and ordering, and here for more information on how our payment plans work.

      Thank you for your interest!

  3. matthew sadowski

    Hi, I was just wondering what sized figure that is next to the bat symbol? is it a 1/6 or 1/12? thanks so much, appreciate you and your amazing work!

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