1/6 Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner Service Corridor Diorama – Truscale

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One of my personal favourites, to create the classic image of princess Leia in the service corridor of her Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner hiding the death star plans inside R2-D2. Made for our full scale display size to fit inside an IKEA BESTA, STUVA or similar. Made of solid machined and painted Aluminium.


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One of my personal favourites, to create the classic image of princess Leia in the service corridor of her Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner hiding the death star plans inside R2-D2

The kit is made out of solid aluminum with PVC tanks and pipes like the original. It will even come with an aluminium stripper pole, just like the original set. It will also include a forex 3mm background graphic and it will come fully painted like you see in the picture. with ceiling, sides and LED lighting.





  • (A-K) metal parts
  • (L) Black Corrugated Tubes (6x)
  • (M) Grey PVC Pipes (7x)
  • (N) Solid Aluminum Pole (1x)
  • (O) PVC Tanks (4x)
  • (P) Forex Background Print
  • (Q) Black forex sides
  • Ceiling Construction
  • LED lighting kit





Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 5 cm

4 reviews for 1/6 Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner Service Corridor Diorama – Truscale

  1. Jeremy

    I first got this diorama in the Detolf size. It is extremely well designed, manufactured and finished. It’s also a fun, if tricky, build. I imagine lego collectors would enjoy this one quite a bit. One of the best things about Jazzinc dioramas is the attention detail. The service corridor really looks like it’s jumped out of the film and into your home. The paint and finish is fantastic and really pops. But of course at detolf size compromises must be made. In this case, you lose that wonderful circle shape. So when I made the jump to Stuva’s (driven entirely by a desire for the Tantive IV entry diorama) I ordered the conversion kit to make this one truscale. The conversion process requires you to deconstruct the original for the most part, but that’s ok as it’s quite an enjoyable task seeing the diorama go from great to amazing. The truscale one is also a lot more sturdy. At detolf size, it really needs the detolf enclosure for stability (out of the box – you could add more if you wanted to make it freestanding, such as the included “guide tool” used in construction). But at truscale, it can stand on it’s own. The only suggestion I’d have for improvement is that the back floor-plate doesn’t go quite all the way to the back image board leaving a gap. But this can be easily hidden. This particular diorama doesn’t come with lighting, but if you want to add some it’s pretty easy. I used an IKEA light strip attached to the back of the last wall panel on each side. I used the multi coloured strips so I can use either purple or red lighting to make it more atmospheric and match the onscreen lighting effect. Adding a belkin wemo power option means I can control the light from my mobile phone as well. All up this is a fantastic diorama. Mine is always a talking point for visitors. I’m looking forward to more of the Jazzinc dioramas (Bespin Gantry on preorder with my eye on some others). They are so great my only problem is deciding which to get as space is always a battleground. Thanks to Joost and his father for these.

  2. lamourdelimage (verified owner)

    I loved mounting this Diorama but before finalizing everything, I repainted everything, did a little aging, painted the pipes, the floor, and the walls. I then made a box especially at the right size, put adequate lighting as in the film, and of course, I fixed everything for nothing moves. It was hours and even weeks of pleasure to achieve a result that I love. I even took the opportunity to redo the background to my taste, I actually took a photo of my diorama finished with good on the background of Joost which I then printed on transparent vinyl which I stuck on a frosted plexiglass plate. All enclosed with a transparent plexiglass plate to prevent dust from entering. I love it and I love everything Joost does even if I always put my personal touch in it. As I always say, it gives me the basis and I do the rest. Continue, everything is always great, beautiful, well done, solid.


    Das Diorama ist ein wahrer Diamant. Lea und R2D2 haben sich sofort wie zu Hause gefühlt. Die Details und Verarbeitung und Materialien sind sehr hochwertig. Hab noch nie ein so gutes Diorama gesehen. Aufbau war Dank YouTube Video auch ganz einfach. Ich kannte jazzincdioramas gar nicht und bin jetzt erst durch dieses Diorama das ich bei Kleinanzeigen gebraucht gekauft habe darauf gestoßen.
    Freue mich schon auf die Dioramen die ich hier bestellt habe. Endlich bekommen einige Figuren ihren richtigen Platz.

  4. Eddie

    Is that possible re-production and I can pre-order(1/6 Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner Service Corridor Diorama – Truscale)?

    • Joost Assink

      Sorry no that’s not likely

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