1/6 Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner Service Corridor Diorama – Detolf Deluxe

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One of my personal favourites, to create the classic image of princess Leia in the Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner Service Corridor, hiding the death star plans inside R2-D2. Made for our Small display size to fit inside a Detolf. Made of solid machined and painted Aluminium.



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One of my personal favourites, to create the classic image of princess Leia in the service corridor of her Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner, hiding the death star plans inside R2-D2

These kits are currently in stock, but most of this first batch is sold. The kit is made out of solid aluminum with PVC tanks and pipes like the original. It will even come with an aluminium stripper pole, just like the original set. It will also include a forex 3mm background graphic and it will come fully painted like you see in the picture. An expansion pack with larger floor plan is available separately.


  • (A-K) metal parts
  • (L) Black Corrugated Tubes (6x)
  • (M) Grey PVC Pipes (7x)
  • (N) Solid Aluminum Pole (1x)
  • (O) PVC Tanks (4x)
  • (P) Forex Background Print
  • (Q) Forex Black sides (2x)

Measurements (WHD): 38 x38 x29cm (15.3 x 15 x 11,4 inches)






Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 10 cm

13 reviews for 1/6 Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner Service Corridor Diorama – Detolf Deluxe

  1. Winston Leung

    Excellent craftsmanship. The materials used are of very high quality and well worth the price. I have non collector friends raving about how awesome my dioramas look. The service corridor is special because this is where we first met Leia and R2D2 in the original trilogy. And to be able to recreate this moment in my own home is truly a wonderful feeling. I have had this piece in my home now over 2 months and I still sit and stare at it everyday.

  2. Richard Edney

    The item was easy to assemble thanks to Joost’s video and the addition of the tool in the kit. The service corridor looks amazing in my display.
    Every item is a recommended must for any collector to add that extra wow touch to their figures

  3. Simon Thornton

    Truly a magnificent piece, seeing another collectors’ photos of this prompted me to purchase R2D2 and Leia just for this scene. So realistic, as already mentioned the craftsmanship involved is outstanding, materials are of such high quality, cannot recommend enough! Thanks for creating such amazing dioramas, even my wife approves!

  4. Michael Ocasio

    My first diorama and was I glad I got it. Great product and craftsmanship. It’s an amazing display option for R2, Leia, C3-PO and even Stormtroopers!!!!! I have two other projects on pre-order. If you love Star Wars then these dioramas will make a welcomed addition to your collection.

    Excellent customer service and communication. Don’t hesitate to buy!!!!!!

  5. Jason

    This was the second diorama I purchased. The way the forced perspective was engineered was perfect for the Detolf. The box was really heavy and once you put it all together you see why. Solid quality aluminum and great paint apps. I loved the fact he included the background printed piece as well. The night I put it together and lit it up with some red puck lights, I sent a few pictures of the Hot Toys Leia and SSC R2D2 in the diorama to my friend. He couldn’t believe the quality! Another absolutely fantastic piece of creativity shared with the collecting world!

  6. Arjen

    This, like all Joost’ other diorama’s, is amazing. Quick and easy to assemble and fits perfectly inside a Detolf or Besta (with extension kit). Just imagine the price Hot Toys would charge fot this… At probably less then half the quality. To have someone like Joost in the community is nothing short of a blessing.

  7. Jordan

    Easy to assemble. Quality materials. Just like it jumped out of the movie! Brings these already amazing figures to life! Cant wait for more!

  8. Jeremy

    This diorama is amazing. It looks brilliant in a detolf. The diorama is fully machined metal and painted to perfection. It comes with a very handy tool to help with assembly. If you have more room than a detolf, you can order an expansion pack so it fits a Besta or Stuva and achieve a true circle for the surrounds. I’ve ordered an expansion. But don’t take my word for it, here it is in my setup

  9. Nicolas

    Maybe my favorite diorama to date. Not the most iconic background of them all but certainly the most detailed creation from JazzInc and more importantly its most versatile. Not only will it work well with quite a few Star Wars figures (Princess Leia, R2, 3PO, Rebel troopers, Imperial troopers…) but could, in my opinion, also work with other licenses. From the top of my head, Terminator, Alien and why not Marvel or DC.

  10. Robert

    Wonderfull work and great service. Love the small details. My leia and rd are happy 🙂

  11. Robert

    Wonderfull work and great service. Love the small details. My leia and r2 are happy ?

    I’ve ordered all of JazzInc dioramas. A must in everyone’s collection!

  12. katieandhailee

    great piece, solid construction, great attention to detail well packaged for delivery.

  13. John Rodriguez

    My most challenging one so far in my collection, to put together as a single person but with that being said? This is a fine looking piece!! I only wish I would have brought the lighted ceiling. Now, having a hard time deciding which one to order next? I’m eyeing the speeder, Falcon, and of course the emperors chamber!! Decision, Decision, Decision…Ugh!!

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