1/6 scale Ultimate 1989 Bat Wing vehicle with opening cockpit

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This item will be released June 30, 2022.
This is the third product in our first batch of officially licensed batman products. The 1989 Bat Wing is one of the things I was asked to do so many times, I lost count. We have added many more features now that it it officially licensed, including the Gatling gun, moveable flaps, detailed cockpit interior with light up features, and more
Full 1/6 scale, able to seat the DX09 1989 Hot Toys batman. Targeted for release around the December 2022, so plenty of time to pay off with our payment plans.

Batman figures © Hot Toys Limited, all rights reserved.

Release date: end of December 2022

*Prototype shown is not final. Pending licensor approval.
**Batteries included for collectible vehicle.
***Power required for LED light up function.
****Product details could be subjected to change without further notice


SIZE (inch) : 44.92 x 52.4 x 14.5
SIZE (CM) : 114,1 x 132,9 x 36,8
  • the Gatling gun
  • moveable flaps
  • detailed cockpit interior
  • light up features interior and exterior
  • optional scissors with saw
  • magnetically removable canopy
  • optional feet for display on both horizontal and vertical surfaces
Made to order. With cockpit and lights. The wings will be detachable. 
Full 1/6 scale, able to seat the Hot Toys 1989 Batman figure. Targeted for release in the Summer 2022, so plenty of time to pay off with custom 15-month payment plans.


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The Bat Wing is currently in prototyping phase. That means production hasn’t started yet. We expect the first ones to ship in the Summer of 2022. Any updates or changes in the planning will be announced on the product pages and on the News-page.

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21 reviews for 1/6 scale Ultimate 1989 Bat Wing vehicle with opening cockpit

  1. MKeat

    I am thrilled the 1989 Wing is being produced! It looks fantastic!! I had purchased an extra DX Batman figure hoping someone would produce the Wing. Thank you for taking on the project and your attention to detail. Will the Wing have retractable landing gear? That would provide additional options for displaying the Wing and make it complete. Also will the weapons targeting sight/goggles/screen and support arm slide into the rear of the cockpit giving a clear view out of the right side of the cockpit providing multiple display options? I am looking forward to seeing the prototype. Again, Thank you! This is Great!!

    • Joost Assink

      Thank you for your kind words and support. No, we are not planning on doing retractable landing gear. It will be supplied with a bracket to mount it. There will not be a sliding targeting system.

  2. Batman779

    This looks incredible. Will it have brackets so that it can be hanged on the wall?

    • Joost Assink

      Thanks, yes that’s the plan

  3. Ed

    Oh man I want this so bad! I don’t even have the figure, but I want this

  4. imranmajid

    Astonishing work! I’ve recently placed an order for the deluxe Justice League Batmobile and Falcon cockpit, I’m potentially looking to put in my order for this also. Is there any further update on the batwing ?

    Warmest regards, Imran

    • Joost Assink

      Thanks working on it!

  5. Jeffrey Mason

    Looking forward to this project!

  6. James

    Looks like it’s going to be amazing! One question: will the batwing have deplorable Gatling guns?

    • Joost Assink

      if we get enough people on board, then yes!

  7. Heroify

    What an absolute find! For years I’ve tried to unsuccessfully obtain the Batwing Cinemateque Prop, but now this one you can place a DX Batman inside and it is, what, 1.8m wide… WOW! I sincerely hope my preorder brought the order number high enough to justify the extras. Thanks so much for the updates so far, please publish a new one soon!
    And if I can leave a future project wish…a Mazinger Z!!

  8. Stephen Fulloon

    I’m in 👍 already thinking about a glowing Moon or lit clouds diorama/backdrop to attach it to like in the Movie shot…hmm thinking cap on 🤔

  9. darkhawkzero

    would like to see wall mount for this too moon definitely plus would like to see a 1/12 1989 Batwing and 1/6 scale 1989 Batcave Batcomputer and safe with gear to fit 1/6 DX09

  10. Enrique Pena (verified owner)

    Hiya! Just trying to understand the product description text here. Release date for the Batwing is, based on the description, first Feb 2021, but later 2nd half of 2021. Could we have an update/clarification, please? Thank you! I’, a big fan, and impatient….

  11. Joost Assink

    Thanks for the heads up, Enrique. We fixed it. It’ll be second half of 2021

  12. Angel

    Hi joost can you please give us an update on the batwing .. look how many people you made happy with the last update on the 66 mobile .. you have calm many of us .. for the rest of the year .

    Can you do the same with the batwing even a small video will make us more relax
    Please please please ..


    • Joost Assink

      I can do that soon, but we’re still working on the hinge mechanism for the gattling guns that will be able to rotate out, since we now got enough people to offer this extra!

  13. eighth

    Joost, this is such an incredible project, so happy you’re doing it. I’ve been following your work for ages, and I’m on the verge of preordering this beauty… But I think Heroify is right about the dimensions? The wingspan would be about 180cm, not 108cm, is that correct? Just trying to figure out if I’m gonna need a bigger boat… or wall!

    • Joost Assink

      Actually, based on our experiments, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle around 150 cm.

  14. winifred

    sir..is this hang in d wall…?

    • Joost Assink

      We are looking into making a bracket for this vehicle

  15. German

    Is this still being made? I’m in the USA, shipping cost is crazy. Looks so good

  16. Steven M Warren

    Man this piece is amazing joost. I have a question, will it say if this piece has sold out on your this page. I really want this but have to juggle some stuff around

    • Support Jazzinc

      Yes, it’s still being made!

    • Support Jazzinc

      Hi Steven! Yes, we’ll update the product page when the product is sold out.

  17. chris.gotfunk

    I am speechless!! This is my childhood in 1/6 scale! Order has been placed and I am beyond excited! After watching the live stream with Justin and seeing the ’66 Batmobile along with all of the items in the works, this was a no-brainer! Now, I just need an ’89 Batmobile…..

    I didn’t see the option in the pre-order to add the cutter and saw. Will that be added later?

    • Support Jazzinc

      Hi! We love making childhood dreams come true! Yes, the scissors and saw will be included (please see the description at the bottom of the product page for a full list fo what’s included). Thanks!

  18. ryanpowell16

    cannot wait to have this piece in my collection, looks amazing, will go very well next to my 1/6 89 batmobile. love your work guys

  19. Jeff Mason

    I was planning on placing an order for the Batmobile, but decided on the Batwing instead. Had to pick one and this is it!!! One question if I may, will each Batwing be individually numbered? Just was curious for being a collector. Thank you and hope you and your family have a happy holiday

    • Joost Assink

      They will definitely be very limited addition, but we do not number our units

  20. Jeff

    Hi, I’m considering ordering this. However, I would like to display it flat inside of a large display case instead of mounting it on a wall. Will the Bat Wing be offered with a display base of some sort? Thank you

    • Joost Assink

      No, not a display base, but we will offer a tripod system where you can mount it inside a display case in any orientation

  21. Juan Ruiz

    Hello Joost, this piece looks incredibly!! Is it being discussed, internally, whether a 1/12 scale could be produced? Alternatively, do you think it would be possible to have an 18 or 24 month payment plan? I reckon it would help many of us since the monthly rates would be therefore reduced. Dank je wel! 🙂

    • Joost Assink

      Thanks. Well 1/12 scale has not been supported as well as 1/6 scale so we do not plan to release this in 1/12 scale. I have added the payment plans you asked for. Dankjewel

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