1/6 Death Star Window with Animated 15 inch Display Screen for Detolf – Deluxe


Imagine your Detolf with Hot Toys Governor Tarkin, Princess Leia and/or Darth Vader with our Death Star Window, designed to fit in one of your Detolf Shelves, with an actual screen, displaying the destruction of Alderaan. Or Maybe a Rogue One scene with the destruction of Jedda. Now it is possible with our Death Star Window Detolf Deluxe Diorama. Don’t miss out, and order now.


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Our Detolf Deluxe Death Star Window diorama with 15 inch full colour display screen.


Diorama kit contents:

  • The Death Star 1 Window wall as seen in Star Wars a New Hope and Star Wars Rogue One
  • A high gloss aluminium black floor with Death Star floor pattern
  • a 15 inch full color display with remote and 512 Mb Kingston SD card
  • custom Jazzinc Dioramas Death Star Window video clip playing on a loop
  • Mounting Materials

News posts with updates on this project:

We are working on an Animated LED window for a Detolf Death Star Window diorama

Making a Death Star Window diorama with actual animated screen for Rogue One and Tarkin!

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 39 × 38 × 28 cm


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