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The one that started it all, I can now offer a second run for this kit as our ultimate full Star Wars Death Star diorama (100cm x 51cm x 42cm), which has room for at least 8 figures. Designed to be the crown jewel, the center piece of your 1/6 scale collection.

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The one that started it all, I can now offer a second run for this kit as our ultimate full Star Wars Death Star diorama (100cm x 51cm x 42cm), which has room for at least 8 figures.

You get all the machined parts, plexiglas, construction parts, aluminum parts, precision cut to the proper designs, reliefs and dimensions, fully painted. Also included are 5m LED strips with adapter and remote control, for the ultimate finishing touch!!! Our clients have said the build is fun and easy. If you can assemble Ikea furniture, you can assemble this

All you need is your time to build the ultimate Star Wars collectible setup.

If you have any questions or would like to receive a PayPal invoice, just contact us on the email address in the footer of our site.



  • Base Plate
  • Inside wall long
  • Inside wall short
  • Raised Floor
  • Ceiling plate
  • Columns I, II, III, IIII
  • Inside Blast Door Long with re-enforcement spacer
  • Inside Blast Door Short with re-enforcement spacer
  • Outside Blast Door Long with re-enforcement spacer
  • Ouside Blast Door Short with re-enforcement spacer
  • Back Cover Plate
  • Side Cover Plate
  • Top Cover Plate
  • Floor Spacer (diagonal)
  • Blast Door Spacer Tool
  • 2,5mm spacer plate


  • Aluminum inside wall long
  • Aluminum inside wall short
  • Aluminium Floor
  • Aluminium Ceiling grate
  • Column for control plate narrow
  • Column for control plate wide
  • 2x regular Columns
  • Red Control plate
  • Grey Control Plate

LED System:

  • 1×5 meters of LED strip
  • 1×5 meters of LED strip, LONG
  • LED dimmer insert (white)
  • LED transformer
  • LED Remote
  • Battery
  • IEC Power cord.
  • IEC Connector cable with quick connects
  • IEC snap-in connector
  • 2,1mm to screw terminal adapter plug
  • Sticker for lights panel


  • 1x Glue
  • 1x Double Sided Tape
  • 1x Black Gaffer Tape
  • 4x Spacers (short)
  • 4x Spacers with nuts
  • 8x M4 20mm Phillips Bolts with spacers



Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 50 cm

4 reviews for 1/6 Death Star Diorama – Ultimate

  1. Martin

    The quality of the Dioramas is truly unique. If you really want to put your 1/6 scale figures in scene, JazzInc Dioramas are the way to go. The quality and love that is in his work is remarkable. This is visible in all his pieces. It does not matter whether budget version, True Scale or Ultimate, the material quality is at its highest level all the time. Only in size and details it is different. But this is understandable. When you have a smaller Diorama, then you have not so much space for details. If I had also a metal plaque at that time, I would be happy at all, but that is only a trifle, at the edge. Currently I have 10 figures in my Ultimate Diorama. Even with 10 figures it does not look overloaded.

    Because lack of space I have to think very well which dioramas I buy. If I have enough space I would take them all. Please keep up the great work and I’m curious about what you plan to do for other genres. Perhaps something in direction of Avengers – Hulkbuster & Co must also be put into scene. 🙂

    Links for some quick pics:

    Ps: Please forgive me, but my mother tongue is not English, so this review may be a bit bumpy to read.

  2. Alvaro Lavin

    they look amazing !! Congratulations on the job. I’m from Chile, will it be possible to send? Is everything coming to be adapted to the electricity here? I hope someday to buy some of those dioramas.

    How much will the shipping cost? .. what is the average weight of a diorama?


    • joost

      Sorry I only just saw this message. Yes, I can send to Chile. And the adapter will work for you.
      Shipping is around $125 and the average height for the ultimate scale is 50cm *but you can find measurements of all dioramas in the descriptions.

  3. Maurice Prescott

    If I bought multiple dioramas do shipping cost change? I am a buyer from Canada will the plugs work?

    • joost

      Yes, you get a shipping discount if you buy multiple pieces. Yes the power supply and plugs will work in Canada

  4. Jeffrey McCoy

    Hi Joost,

    Hope you had a stellar holiday with family! Sorry that I was a little delayed in payment, due to my own holiday with family in August.
    Making progress.
    I was wondering if the shipping discount would be applied, since I have purchased four dioramas.

    I only need Luke, C3PO, and Chewbacca to complete my group. 🙂


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