1/6 Death Star Diorama – Deluxe Detolf V2

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Death Star deluxe diorama for 1/6 scale for Ikea Detolf or stand-alone presentation

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After the succes of the now sold out V1 death star diorama, we have updated the design to the deluxe diorama, suitable for Ikea Detolf or stand alone presentation. The deluxe diorama adds blast door sides and light up ceiling.

1/6 scale Death Star diorama scaled for Detolf display with light up back wall and ceiling as well as two size blast doors and a floor. Made from machined and engraved solid aluminium and perspex. Comes with world plug AC power adapter, and is fully painted.

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  • Deluxe Back Wall
  • Floor
  • Ceiling
  • 2x side doors
  • Power Adapter
  • 4x world power plugs
  • green screw adapter

Measurements (WHD): 38 x38 x29cm (15.3 x 15 x 11,4 inches)


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 28 × 39 × 38 cm

10 reviews for 1/6 Death Star Diorama – Deluxe Detolf V2

  1. Pascal Lamour (verified owner)

    Merci beaucoup, bonne reception du Diorama “Death Star”. C’est un produit formidable, solide, lourd (en metal), bien fini, beaucoup de détails et un éclairage tout à fait parfait, ni trop fort ni trop faible. Tout rentre parfaitement et même plus, il ne peut pas s’écrouler, le système de blocage et très bien pensé. Il est parfait pour le meuble Detolf de chez Ikea. Il prend toute la largeur du meuble, donc mettre trois personnage ne pause aucun problème. Il en manque un mais il arrive sous peu. J’ai aussi fabriqué un sol avec éclairage pour la scène du dessous. Continuez, vous avez toute ma bénédiction des fans Star Wars.

  2. ananing13

    Another great achievement of the Jazzinc families! Structure entirely in aluminum, simple assembly. What else? The result in showcase is bluffing, the death star more real than nature. Congratulations to Jazzinc & Cie

  3. scott mcintyre

    fantastic level of detail and truly everything it is supposed to be, It is my second purchase and I love them all.

  4. Delatte (verified owner)

    I ordered two of these Dioramas, and the result is Impressive (see the pictures on Facebook). Amazing Job for an Amazing Diorama.
    Thanks again Joost, The Force Is With You.

  5. Alexander Brooks

    Your Diorama designs looks really cool especially the imperor throne room I’m in the market to purchase this item around the middle of this month you were here for me thanks a lot for coming up with these great designs have a great day.

    • joost

      Dear Alexander,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I look forward to working with you!

      All the best,


  6. J.T. (verified owner)

    Schönes Diorama! Der Aufbau könnte kaum einfacher sein und die Oberflächen sind wunderbar realistisch: Im Vergleich hierzu sind die Wände von GTP (Galactic Trading Post) erkennbar aus einem günstigeren Kunststoff hergestellt (und wer von dort im März ebenfalls seine Pre-Order 1:6 scale Wall set Vorrauszahlung von 195 Dollar erstattet bekommen hat, kann sich noch an den Ärger und die mehr als halbjährige Wartezeit erinnern, nur am dann doch nichts zu erhalten. Man hat sich dort dann auch auf den kleineren Maßstab beschränkt).

    Hier alles tadellos: Versandzeit, Materialqualität, Passgenauigkeit, Verpackung und Kundenkontakt. Baustoff für Imperien …

  7. John Rodriguez

    I brought this right when Joost was just starting to take off with all these awesome dioramas for Star Wars fans. I mean, it makes sense to have a well made ,beautiful displays for your expensive figures. When people see my figures and their dioramas they are blowin’ away by the whole thing!! Glad, I found someone who take pride in his product!!

  8. Jay Roman

    Have this and 4 others and another on the way! Can speak enough of the quality and the detail. Trust me you need these Dio’s!!!

  9. Matthew Ukena (verified owner)

    WOW!!! I love mine!!! If you collect any 1/6 scale Star Wars figures … it would be a crime to not have this diorama to enhance them!!!! So affordable & lifts them up without taking up a crazy sized display !!!! A must have !!!!

  10. lamourdelimage (verified owner)

    A great product that I put to my taste.
    Two in one that I completely repainted with a background from and all stuck in a box with the perfect size.
    A thousand thanks, I love it.

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