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The first of the dioramas that is designed after it won the vote on The Carbon Freezing Chamber is part of the pivotal scenes at the end of Empire Strikes Back so we wanted to do it justice by designing this on TruScale Scale. Order now, only a few left in stock and no new batch will be made.

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The Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber

The first of the dioramas that is designed after it won the vote on The Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber is part of the pivotal scenes in Cloud City at the end of Empire Strikes Back so we want to do it justice by designing this diorama on TruScale.


This Star Wars Carbon Freezing Chamber environment is one of the pivotal scenes in the Star Wars saga we wanted to capture. Fit for the Ikea Stuva, stand-alone or similar sized display cabinets


The kit includes

SIZE: 25″ high, 21.75″ wide X 18” deep


We will offer

  • A metal, light up floor
  • The Claw, with articulation
  • A fully sculpted ceiling with light up feature and hoses
  • Numbered Custom Limited Edition Plate
  • A back ground graphic
  • A metal support frame, so the diorama can stand on its own






Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 37 × 60 × 70 cm

9 reviews for 1/6 Carbon Freezing Chamber Diorama – TruScale

  1. Jordan

    Can definitely see the love and care put into these dios! Been so blown away buy the two truscales (this one and the throne room) I have I can’t even imagine how impressed I’ll be with the ultimate Death Star! Keep up the great work I look forward to adding more of your work to my collection!

  2. Jeff

    This is a high quality diorama, made with high quality product, extremely pleased with the products I have purchased from Jazzinc. The workmanship is better IMO than what you would get from a mass produced manufacturer at a fraction of what they would charge, his goal is a beautiful piece and affordable. Follows through each time, always looking forward to what he will make next, if you are on the fence don’t be, great products great prices, great communication and delivered packed to protect.

  3. Jeffrey Hubbard (verified owner)

    I just received my Truscale Carbon Freezing Chamber from JazzInc a few days ago. All I can say is WOW!!! This thing is BEAUTIFUL!!!????????❤️????❤️????????The detail & craftsmanship that is put into each of these pieces is extraordinary! If you’re looking for a great way to display your 1/6 Scale Hot Toys & Sideshow Star Wars figures, look no further! The quality & care that Joost puts into each & every one of his pieces is second to none! The price,IMO, is very reasonable for the quality of the product you’re receiving, especially compared to what you’d likely pay for something similar that is mass produced by a big company. Joost has filled a niche in the 1/6 Scale market that for me & countless others has been lacking for a long time, until recently! This is my 2nd purchase from JazzInc, having previously purchased the Truscale Emperors Throne Room, which is equally Amazing by the way!????????❤️???????? Thank you Joost for filling such an important nich, & producing such an Amazing product line for the collectors market!!! Don’t hesitate! Buy with confidence!!!????

  4. scdmiller316

    A must have for any collector!
    I was reading the reviews and echo everything that was written. I believe my first purchase was about 2 years ago, the ultimate deathstar. I’ve been hooked ever since and have purchased at least one of each design in various scales. All absolutely incredible.

  5. lamourdelimage

    J’ai reçu ma Carbon Freezing Chamber. Je suis toujours surpris du travail que vous faites. Je suis entièrement en accord avec Jeffrey Hubbard. La qualité que j’ai sous les yeux me comble de bonheur. Ce qui est intéressant et que l’on peut modifier à notre convenance et selon notre vision et notre imagination. Vos dioramas me permettent de mettre en valeur tous les items de Sideshow ou Hot Toys en situation que j’ai. C’est comme revoir une scène du film en image fixe. Je n’en suis pas à mon premier commandé chez vous et ce ne sera surement pas le dernier. Je conseille vivement à qui que ce soit qui aime Star Wars et les 1/6 de chez Sideshow ou Hot Toys de ce procurer une tel oeuvre d’art, oui, c’est bien des oeuvres d’arts que tu fabriques Joost. Tu donnes le goût et tu m’as donner le goût d’en faire moi même pour moi. Moins perfectionné mais le plaisir de les faire est inégalable. Continues Joost, je ne vais que t’encourager.

    I received my Carbon Freezing Chamber. I am always surprised at the work you do. I fully agree with Jeffrey Hubbard. The quality I have before me fills me with happiness. What is interesting and that can be changed at our convenience and according to our vision and imagination. Your dioramas allow me to highlight all the items of Sideshow or Hot Toys in situation that I have. It’s like seeing a movie scene in still picture. I’m not my first ordered at home and it will certainly not be the last. I urge anyone who loves Star Wars and 1/6 from Sideshow or Hot Toys to get such a work of art, yes, it is works of art that you make Joost. You give the taste and you give me the taste to make it myself for me. Less perfected but the pleasure of doing them is second to none. Continuous Joost, I’m only going to encourage you.

  6. Jay Roman

    Just awesome ! Love it. Supreme customer service !

  7. J.F.

    The centerpiece of my collection, this is truly a work of art. Superb detailing. This was my first TruScale piece, but certainly not my last.

  8. biphron (verified owner)

    Just perfect and amazing ! With some 1/6 beautiful figures in, it looks like a picture from the movie. All people who have seen this diorama in my house said it’s wonderful and bluffing.

  9. Sven

    I love the Dioramas from Jazzinc.
    And you see the love Joost and his father are bringing into every piece.
    I couldn’t be happier with my Bespin Freezing Chamber.
    All the best for you, guys.

    Sven from Germany.

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