1/6 Ultimate X34 Landspeeder Diorama – Second run

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***With so many people wanting to be wait listed, we got one more run together. Ready to ship now!***

Thank you to Jared Bunnell for the awesome pictures!

Luke’s Landspeeder has been much requested and not surprisingly so of course. The Hot Toys figures from a New Hope really are a great complement to this vehicle.


Based on the actual prop measurements. In 1/6 scale it will be 71 cm or 28 inches long and 38 cm or 15 inches wide!



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Again, based on incredible customer demand, JazzInc Dioramas is proud to present the X-34 Landspeeder Luke Skywalker uses in Star Wars a New Hope. Each vehicle is individually painted weathered and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Jazzinc Diorama. Presenting this incredibly classic vehicle that ushered us into the Star Wars Universe in 1:6 scale, it is so powerful to behold in real life. This stunning piece will make an outstanding addition to any Star Wars display!

Based on the actual prop measurements. In 1/6 scale it will be 71 cm or 28 inches long and 38 cm or 15 inches wide.



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3 reviews for 1/6 Ultimate X34 Landspeeder Diorama – Second run

  1. michaelpheppner (verified owner)

    Just Got mine in! shipped out fast! This Landspeeder ship is unbelievable, the craftsmanship on this piece is off the charts. this is my first purchase with Jazzinc. and I’m here to tell ya I’ll be buying a lot more from here on out. I’m so happy thank you so much…

    ~ Big Mike

  2. michelhawaii (verified owner)

    It’s the only 1/6 scale land speeder out there so I am proud to own one.
    Pros: It has an undeniable presence. Looks good from far, but far to look good.
    • proportions are great
    • no frills packaging but it arrived unscathed
    • Removable back of seat
    Cons: It’s made of some type of polystone and is really super heavy
    • The stand is pure block of acrylic, but there is no encroaching/nook under the landspeeder. So it takes a few trials just to balance it correctly. But beware, it can slide off if you bump the table.
    • windshield is way too elongated, by maybe 20%
    • its challenging to place figures in the cabin/seats. Very cramped.
    • details are lacking everywhere. The dashboard does NOT have the same finish detail as the MF cockpit.
    • The engines details are so so, vey simplistic and not accurate at all. As a matter of fact, I drilled holes in the left exposed engine frame and ran a bunch of wires through them. Curiously, the material smells like a scented candle. I drilled holes all around the exhaust part of all 3 engines, as well as the exposed engine bit in the front, so I could add 3 wires/tubes, and finally I drilled the exhausts hole.
    • the original movie prop had a regular car steering wheel. Not a airplane type one.
    • the body scratches on the front and especially on the right wing are simplistic and inaccurate.
    • the paint job is basic at best. Also highly inaccurate. The cabin has no weathering, like it came out of the factory. I have to repaint the whole thing, which will be a complete weekend job.
    I am happy to have it because it’s fun to refinish a model, but I wished they paid more attention to the details and accuracy.
    I ordered Rey’s speeder, and I hope, I hope it will be better, not holystone/top heavy, have a good stand, and have accurate details and paint job.

  3. Starry Night – Van Goh (verified owner)

    Well I don’t want to get too long. After a setback I received the Landspeeder diorama. It has good and bad things.
    Some of bad things in my opinion:
    -The chosen material is too heavy
    -The prize
    -The acrylic base, although not bad, is not a guarantee of good stability so you must be careful when handling it. -The interior of the vehicle is too simple, it shows vagueness, sloppiness when it comes to design. I will not talk about comparisons with the diorama of the movie but there are quite a few differences in interior and exterior.
    -The paint looks flat and a bit plain but it works.

    Good things in my opinion about diorama and Jazzinc:
    -Although the material is heavy and not the most appropriate for a diorama, it is very possible that it will last a long time.
    -Lacking leather or fabric details such as the seats, it will also not have wear in this aspect
    -The overall design without going into details looks good and will look nice in your display case.
    -The flexibility to pay with Jazzinc
    -Jazzinc are very communicative, serious and flexible

    Something that I would have liked to see with the price they ask and the name “Ultimate” is that it came accompanied by a small speaker with sounds maybe, led lights in the engines, the details would have been taken care of at least on the control panel, and a better painting a more details in general.

    However, it is a nice piece to display and it is not very cumbersome in size and after all a unique piece.

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