1/6 Ultimate DX Snowspeeder Diorama Set for Hot Toys and Sideshow Luke Skywalker

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This item will be released March 31, 2022.



  • A Snowspeeder in full 1/6 scale,
  • Opening Canopy
  • Detailed cockpit,
  • Room for two 1/6 hot toys or sideshow figures
  • light up features in the cockpit
  • clear perspex stand
  • landing skids



Based on the actual prop measurements. In 1/6 scale it will be 33,7 inches wide, 37,29 inches long and 13,5  inches high.

Available for pre-ordering


Again, based on incredible customer demand, JazzInc Dioramas is proud to present the famous speeder used in the snowy tundra of the Ice Planet in Episode V. This will be 100% movie accurate, guaranteed. Each vehicle is individually painted weathered and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Jazzinc Diorama. Presenting this incredibly classic vehicle that ushered us into the Star Wars Universe in 1:6 scale, it is so powerful to behold in real life. This stunning piece will make an outstanding addition to any Star Wars display! Extremely limited run of about 25 pieces worldwide.


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At the moment the snow speeder is still in design and prototype phase. This section will be updated once we can give an estimate on production and shipping. We ship at a first come, first serve base: fans who pre ordered first and made production happening will receive their Snowspeeder first.

Any updates or changes in the planning will be announced on the product pages and on the News-page. Please know these are estimates. Delays occur more often than not.

Current estimate: 1st batch in July 2022 *subsequent batches to be released at lated dates, yet to be determined*

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18 reviews for 1/6 Ultimate DX Snowspeeder Diorama Set for Hot Toys and Sideshow Luke Skywalker

  1. imranmajid

    Another amazing piece on the horizon! Would you consider doing a Slave 1?

  2. Shawn Fossie

    Any chance of 1/6 scale full millennium falcon?

    • Joost Assink

      No sorry. No plans yet

  3. Rod

    Would love a slave 1 but it would be huge…

  4. michaelpeterwas

    I would love to see a 1/12 scale slave 1 or a falcon if you don’t make it . No one will your are only hope Joost 😢

    • Joost Assink

      Hi Michael, so far the 1/12 scale stuff has been nothing but disappointing in terms of community support, but who knows.

  5. Sean Carr

    We need a full sized blade runner police spinner from the original film. It would be orgasmic! It could be called “aerial police car”. Please manufacture it. Thanks!

  6. Matt

    Looks and sounds amazing. Looking forward to updates. Have my order placed. Agree Slave 1 would be awesome, though 1/6 size wouldn’t be practical. AT-AT would be great too, though 1/6 would also be impractical.

  7. Steph

    Hi Joost !

    Your Snowspeeder is amazing ! But I have a question : I read that it is Luke’s Snowspeeder, so with grey stripes… but on your conceptual drawings, the Snow has red stripes… So, the final model will have grey or red stripes ? Thanks for your answer !

    PS : Do you still consider to offer a 1/6 Tie Fighter ? I’m more than interested too !

    • Joost Assink

      We will do the paint job as Luke’s snow speeder and yes, a tie fighter sounds amazing 😉

  8. MelDesigner

    I’m so happy to see this become reality. I’ve always loved the Snowspeeder ever since I saw the Empire Strikes Back in the 80’s. I’ve since gotten the Rogue Two collectors edition by Hasbro because of it’s great Hoth Echo Base hangar diorama look within its packaging. I hope to try and match that look once I buy and receive the 1/6th scale version from you and add Luke Skywalker to complete the set. Do you plan to try on doing a 1/6 scale X-Wing fighter?

  9. Kenneth

    Do you have a idea when the snowspeeder will ship

    • Joost Assink

      Q1-Q2 2022

  10. Jason Baggett

    Hi Joost, hugely looking forward to the 1/6 Snowspeeder! Wondering if it will having functional parts you can talk about at this stage? Things such as working flaps, lasers, sound effects, illuminated cockpit leds & screens, sound fx etc? 😜

    • Joost Assink

      We are working on moveable flaps and lights in the cockpit, no sound

  11. shapeshifter

    Just when I thought I could start saving money…lol. This looks terrific, I’m very tempted.
    Keep up the great work Joost and the team.
    Scott 👍

    • Joost Assink


  12. pmuno007

    I placed an order for the Snowspeeder today, but it had a 0% down and saw the message that my order might get cancelled if the item doesn’t generate enough interest. Is this still the case or can I rest in peace knowing that my order is confirmed as I saw on another comment saying the item did generate enough interest?

  13. Aussieabroad

    With your lighting. Are you able to attach a transformer instead of using batteries? Thanks.

    • Joost Assink

      In theory, yes

  14. Pierre Lahaie

    Very cool ! Do you expect to provide numbered plate (because limited edition with 25 worldwide) ? Thanks

    • Joost Assink

      sorry no that’s not the plan

  15. Chris Tarrant

    Hi guys
    Paying for batwing can’t wait .
    Any chance future you can do the Blake’s 7
    Liberator space ship in 3 foot scale
    With lighted ball look cool panel detail
    Pipes ect no ones done it justice

    • Support Jazzinc

      Hi Chris! Thank you for these ideas! We’ve got a full line-up of projects for the near future, but we’ll keep your suggestions in mind!


    The cockpit is huge, amazing, incredible, outstanding and beautiful. An excellent “piece of chunk”. The best Star Wars huge kit done ever. It is a must in your Star Wars collection!

  17. Sven

    Hi there, are you gonna be shipping worldwide? To germany in my case, if I were even able to get one your snowspeeders?

    • Joost Assink

      Dear Sven, nice to hear from you. Yes, we ship worldwide, but to you is quite easy because we are in the Netherlands! 😊

  18. hellraiser-666

    Hi, kann man sagen wieviel schon bestellt wurden? LG Stefan

    • Joost Assink

      Nein, leider nicht

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