1/6 Ultimate DX Falcon Cockpit diorama

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THE DX VERSION OF Our version of the One Six Scale Millennium Falcon Cockpit 1/6 Diorama,  It would work for scenes from A New Hope, The Force Awakens, the last Jedi and Empire Strikes Back and more!


Size: 74 cm in length, 47cm in diameter and 53cm in height with stand

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DX version of the Falcon Cockpit Diorama

This product is no longer available and won’t be remade. There’s a wait list for Millennium Falcon Cockpit DX’s that become available after a cancellation. Click the button to send us the message that you want to be on that waitlist:


Many people have been asking me for the Falcon Cockpit and because our Falcon Cargo Hold was such a success we have decided to make a very limited run of this incredibly iconic but complex environment

The kit will contain:

  • The kit will contain:
  • The classic cockpit
  • The Falcon 2 captain seats
  • The Falcon 2 nav seats
  • Full bulkhead wall
  • cockpit canopy
  • Light-up features
  • Back Wall
  • Hallway Ring
  • Door

Suitable Figures:

  • Hot Toys Luke Skywalker MMS297
  • Hot Toys Princess Leia MMS298
  • Hot Toys Han Solo MMS261
  • Hot Toys Chewbacca MMS262
  • Hot Toys Han Solo & Chewbacca The Force Awakens MMS376
  • Hot Toys Obi Wan Kenobi MMS283
  • And many of the different C3POs and R2-D2 figures out there!




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12 reviews for 1/6 Ultimate DX Falcon Cockpit diorama

  1. Alexander lopez

    How much longer do you think these will be avaliable for? I have your 66 “Mobile” on pre-order, but this came out so beautifully, my interested is piqued.

    • Joost Assink

      Thank you, well, I guess you could talk about the silver lining of the current crisis because the Covid related cancellations will make this available for at least another month maybe two

  2. christopher knybel (verified owner)

    All the modifications to the cockpit since the first batches has yielded a solid product. Mine arrived in pristine condition. I feel 12 again! Thanks to Joost and all of his family and collaborators that made this possible. It took a year, but it was worth the wait. Chris

  3. John

    This is one amazing “piece of junk”!
    Words can’t describe how awesome this cockpit is. It is very big and Joost and company have done an amazing job with this. Every detail is crafted beautifully” and really comes to life with the lights on. Shipping across the world is not worrisome because the packaging on this is rock solid. No issues with my cockpit and if you are on the fence about this, you will not be disappointed at all!

    Thanks again to Joost and everyone involved! This such an iconic piece to behold!

    May the force be with you!

  4. suntzu07

    This is a masterpiece. It has become the centerpiece for my collection and the thing everyone talks about when they come in my house. It has an imposing presence, size and the light/sound features just make it even better. Now I feel compelled to buy everything Joost makes!

  5. Will R (verified owner)

    Magnificent! I just received mine, and it arrived all in good order. The detail is great, it isn’t too heavy, and with the lights on it is simply astonishing! Now, where do I put it?

  6. anaking13

    Comment imaginé après l’achat de mon premier diorama detolf que jazzinc diorama en arriverait là ? Ce cockpit est juste incroyable et donne un relief sans pareil à nos figurines Hot Toys Star wars! Mille merci à la team Jazzinc d’avoir réalisé ce rêve. J’ai de nouveau 10 ans 😊

  7. Wes Payne (verified owner)

    Joost never disappoints! The detail on this thing is amazing! I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but Batman has always been my number one priority! Well I have all this Star Wars stuff from 70s, 80s, and 90s. I decided to make space for more of my Batman pieces. I swore I would not buy anymore Star Wars stuff as I’d been collecting Batman since 80s to now. Well joost goes and made this falcon cockpit! In typical joost fashion he does that I got ya laugh! Now I have no choice but to buy Star Wars as the falcon cockpit re-energized my gotta have it passion! This thing is amazing! If you can swing it get the DX version you will love the remote with lights and sound! Well worth every penny! Thanks Jazzinc family!

  8. wolfgang.streic (verified owner)

    Congratulations! Very good work and the lighting technology with the sound effects is excellent. I am extremely pleased that a small company like JazzInc Dioramas in Holland can compete with large companies like Hot Toys. Many thanks Joost

  9. Michael Costa (verified owner)

    This is one of the coolest things I own in my collection. The lights and sounds are spot on. The cockpit is massive an has amazing shelf presence. I love that you can create scenes from ESB, ANH, ROTJ – whatever you want. Details are excellent. Price is very fair and it shipped incredibly fast and safe. Thank you so much Joost! I already ordered the Landspeeder and now I’m psyched for the Snowspeeder!

    • Joost Assink

      Thank you so much!


    Amazing diorama kit! Wonderful!

  11. GILBERT VALDEZ GARCIA JR (verified owner)

    Make all your nerdy dreams come true with this wonderful Falcon Cockpit. This is the top of the line collectible and I for one am over the Endor moon to own one. It’s massive and detailed and all sorts of cool. It’s truly the crown jewel of my collection!

    • Support Jazzinc

      Thank you, Gilbert, for your kind words!

  12. Oliver Seubold (verified owner)

    I have heard years ago Jazzinc will do the Millenium Falcon Cockpit. Then Hottoys announced it too, so Jazzinc rejected the plans for it. Hottoys only demonstrated the Cockpit on different Cons but did never released it. Then approximately two years ago I read it in a Forum Jazzinc will it now produce after all. It is really Heaven on Earth and a huge gift for all us 1/6 Collector. Thank you very much Joost and Team for this Millenium Falcon Cockpit, you all did a great Job.

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