1/6 Truscale Die Cast Cave Computer Lab


This item will be released April 17, 2021.
Each item we make is extremely limited, custom made to order.
Here is the next in our line by popular demand. The 1/6 Truscale Cave Computer Lab. There will be some die cast parts.

Available for pre-ordering

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The 1/6 Cave Computer Lab will include:

  • The computer desk with metal desk top
  • all equipment like the rack units, keyboards, etc
  • the 6 screens (as fixed images printed on perspex)
  • The custom Ergo Chair
  • The floor
  • Support Structures with metal rods


You will receive a shipping invoice when we are ready to ship, so you pay the actual prices. At current shipping prices (July 2020), these are the shipping cost to your region:

USA Europe Asia
$148,05 $117,13 $262,82


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