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Ok, now that the 2016 bvs mobile has started physical prototyping and tooling for production, we can finally satisfy the incredible number of people who have asked for this: the 1966 Mobile in 1/6 scale and Jazzinc Dioramas levels of detail and quality.


Full detailed replica from high quality metal and resin in 1/6 scale of the 1966 mobile.
37.5 inches long (95,25 cm)
14 inches wide front (35,56 cm)
13.167 inches wide back (33,44 cm)
8 inches high (20,32 cm)
14 inches long fins (35,56 cm)+


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26 reviews for 1/6 1966 MOBILE FROM THE TV SERIES

  1. FERNANDO PINILLOS PINTO (verified owner)

    Congratulations on undertaking and creating collectibles and allowing us to enjoy these works of art, thank you very much

    Felicitaciones por emprender y crear piezas de coleccion y permitir que disfrutemos de estas obras de arte , muchas gracias

  2. slashroads (verified owner)

    Looking forward to the 1966 mobile

  3. Patrick

    Looking forward to this I want to buy it but I have one hesitation….

    The windshields…..will they yellow over time?

    I know many manufacturers add a slight purple dye to the lead plastic to prevent yellowing…Or is uv treated maybe it’s both.

    Will jazz mic do so,thing to prevent or delay it? Or perhaps make it removable to it can be treated with hydrogen peroxide in the sun ….

    Really want this.

    • Joost Assink

      Thanks Preston!

    • Joost Assink

      Thanks. We buy the best plexiglass we can. However, if left in the sun, all plexiglass will yellow over time (and it will take a long time). There are quite a few simple methods to get it to clear again though.

  4. Preston Adams (verified owner)

    It looks GREAT! This will be the Center Piece of my Batman collection!
    Thanks guys!

  5. Tim larner

    Do.you ship to the UK and if so what are the shipping costs and will there be import duty costs to

    Also what is the estimated release date

    • Joost Assink

      Yes we ship worldwide and we are in the EU so you won’t have to pay any vat or customs duties on top of the price you see on the website. Shipping is around $40

  6. Frank Montero (verified owner)

    Hello Joost, and Citizens of Gotham!

    Excellent, i mean Excellent work on the Justice Mobile (I’ve thought of getting one too), any chance the 66 might have rubber wheels as well? You’re gonna make me broke (that Iron Scavenger looks great Too!!)


    • Joost Assink

      Hi Frank

      We will try getting the rubber wheels. If we cannot fit it in the budget, we will do a deluxe version

  7. John Cummins (verified owner)

    Okay….so I’m wife whipped, had to ask permission to buy. I customize 1/6 figures as a hobby for myself as I left my cartooning behind with retirement .
    Been waiting for one of these for quite awhile. The picture looks great if that is a prototype as I’m hoping for an all out first class Mobile.
    I will have to pick a wall and build either a BatCave or the Front Steps of GCPHQ as a show place for the car and the Caped Crusaders.
    Now a request, how about the Doc Savage Cord from the 1975 movie and a 1950’s comic style Batmobile at 1/6.

    • Joost Assink

      Thanks, we are going to do our best. Unfortunately my roster is full, so no room for requests
      All the best

  8. Terry Light (verified owner)

    I saw your comment about a potential for a ” deluxe version” If that comes to pass, those of us who have pre ordered the one here..will we have an opportunity to ” upgrade” to the deluxe version?
    Cannot wait!!

    • Joost Assink

      Dear Terry,

      Yes definitely


    What are the deminsions. Looks great. Thanks

    • Joost Assink

      Thanks, Size:
      37.5 inches long (95,25 cm)
      14 inches wide front (35,56 cm)
      13.167 inches wide back (33,44 cm)
      8 inches high (20,32 cm)
      14 inches long fins (35,56 cm)

  10. James Tucker

    Will you be providing any sort of background for the mobile. Like the nuclear power generator for the batcave or perhaps a part of a floor will be able to spin slowly so we can get a look at all sides of the car. Depending on how well this sells are you thinking about making the other batvechiles such as the boat, both motorcycles and for me a screen accurate helicopter? Please say yes.

    • Joost Assink

      We are not planning a background yet. We have a diorama base that might work. If this goes well, I am interested in doing other vehicles

  11. Ian

    Will it have any functioning lights?

    • Joost Assink

      A few

  12. Mischief Dioramas

    Is the release date still correct?

    • Joost Assink

      Sorry, no, after getting our hands on three files on the very original on modified vehicle we did a complete redesign. That and the COVID-19 crisis is going to create some delays

  13. Jerry Compton

    I am so excited for this to come out. I am trying to work it into my budget.

  14. Saul Friedman

    what would an estimate for shipping to Dallas, TX U.S.A. be?

    • Joost Assink

      Around $95


    When will the deluxe version be available to pre-order? Will it have wheels that move and front wheels that turn?

    • Joost Assink

      When we are ready with the prototype

  16. James Hardy

    I have been trying to get a password reset link sent to me for months with no luck. I would have had this paid off by now. It says it sent me a link every time and I never get one. Help!

    • Joost Assink

      password sent. Sorry for the inconvenience

  17. Theodore A Conerly

    SO awesome looking! Just placed my order today, so excited!

  18. Pete

    Exterior looks really really good. Are the rear tail lights molded red or orange plastic? Are the interior cockpit components finalized as in the photos you provided or will there be additional detail/changes? Any hints as to what effects will be lighted? Can’t wait to see! Cheers!

    • Joost Assink

      Thank you, we are still tweaking the exterior and the interior will still need a lot of extra detail. We are thinking of introducing an upgrade to a deluxe version with much more lights. Stay tuned. The rear do you lights are orange plastic in the original

  19. Greg Woods

    It looks great! My only concern would be that it doesn’t look as though I could actually put 1/6 figures into the vehicle on the driver’s side due to the steering wheel

    • Joost Assink

      Thanks. The steering wheel will be removable. We make everything so it fits figures.

  20. Tiger (verified owner)

    Hi Joost,

    Tiger here. I just watched your video update #4 on the 66’ Mobile. You mentioned someone had a request for additional lighting? I don’t think this would be a bate and switch at all. You’re not working with a huge company cranking out thousands of these. If you decided to separate this with a deluxe version like the BVS mobile ….. I’d gladly be all for it, and would happily pay for the additional upgrade! This will be a grail piece for myself and many collectors. I dont mind the wait either. These projects will be well worth the wait!
    Rock on boys! Stay Safe! 2020 is a crazy year!

  21. Francisco Montero (verified owner)

    Hello Joost and Bat 66 Team,

    I can’t believe you guys had to restart alot of the stuff, God Bless your Commitment, I know what that’s like, I build/configure Computer enterprises and networks, painful many times, restarting when you’ve gone so far is Emotionally draining.

    I just hope, if Possible it’s high Gloss, and man, i don’t care, i’ll wait and Pay for a deluxe. and if it had the Similar “rubber-ish” tires as the BVS/JL I think I’ll cry. but I get it man. Kudos, gentlemen, know that you build, Inspiration.

    **********Just posted this same comment on your YouTube channel*********

    Dude, stellar stellar communication with your Customers- a project (especially if you had to scrap and re-do) of this detail is MASSIVE. I’m just working on making a 3D print of 1/6 Robocop for a potential 1;1 scale how to fit and do, and That’s just alot, so if anyone says anything, they should first walk the walk. I very very much Appreciate it and it only shows the COMMITMENT you have to this passion. I AM a customer of this, so I’m not just talking smack, these things happen. I totally get it. the fact that you even just MADE a video to help us understand the challenges just confirms for me your Professionalism and CARE.

    • Joost Assink

      Dear Francisco,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and support. We are going for a gloss version and we have started development on a deluxe version that people can add on to their current order

  22. Jack Hrovatin (verified owner)

    Regarding the 1966 Batmobile, I am ordering two (2)….this is how committed (Or the need to be!) I am on this model. However, I want the best version…and it’s only now that I read that you’ll be doing “Upgrades” in a deluxe version? If this is the case…why would someone not have notified me….and when and how do I switch to get the “Best” one you’re doing? This isn’t something I was planning on hearing so soon to the release date!


    • Joost Assink

      Dear Jack,

      That’s how it goes with our Collectibles Collective community. The group has spoken and has asked for a DX version with additional features. It was a democratic process and now we are working on the details and prices for this version. We will notify everyone as soon as we have worked that out, but the lights alone with all the flash sequencing are quite difficult to figure out, design and price, so the reason we have not communicated anything is because we haven’t worked out all the details.

  23. JackHrovatin (verified owner)

    OK, so will anyone who has in orders be allowed to upgrade to this version upon determination of details?


  24. JackHrovatin (verified owner)

    My apologies….just saw your response to Francisco regarding the ability to “Add-on” to existing order. I’m so very excited about this…I just hope there’s no “Issues” which make it not get done. Bravo to you, and yes…thank you for that video…it truly helps getting little updates!



    I just place my order as well. I have been “Jazzed” about this when I first saw the Hot Toys Batman & Robin at Comic-Con in San Diego. But to be beside the Batmobile, I almost fainted. I could not wait to get my hands on the figures. Then like everyone else wait, wait, wait for the Batmoblie. Holy Deflation! And know you are creating this beautiful masterpiece of a vehicle. Right on man! This is due to Mark @Fiberglass Freaks posted you guys on Facebook that I found this out. So now, my question: Will Robin be able to grip and hang on to the bubble? So cool! Thankx for taking this on and I also want the deluxe upgrade too! Take care.

    • Joost Assink

      Thanks!!! we appreciate your support. The Hot Toys Robin might not be flexible enough for that. we’ll try

  26. Salem Hamaoui

    Bought!!! I really appreciate you guys doing this. It was really disappointing to find out that Hot Toys axed this & was extremely psyched to see this! Please consider doing the 66′ Batcycle;-)

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