1/6 Iron Scavenger figure with flight stand

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This item will be released September 11, 2020.

I have been approached to make this. Since it was on my personal Wishlist as well, Jazzinc Dioramas will produce the Iron Scavenger in 1/6 scale in very limited numbers.

It will be fully painted and weathered, with light-up features and a flight stand. It will be available in february of 2021. PRE-ORDER NOW TO SECURE A SPOT. Contact me at info@jazzincdesigns.com

12 inch Iron Scavenger figure with:
-Over 40 points of articulation
-Helmet with green light up eyes
-Over 4 ft wingspan
-Real fabric outfit
-Jacket with fur collar
-Boots with talons
-Dynamic stand with base and flexible metal pose-able rod
-Fully painted and movie accurate


Here is update #2 on the progress:

Available for pre-ordering


The figure will be fully painted and weathered, with light-up features and flight stand. Price will be $549. It will be shipped in a custom box with custom fitted styrofoam. It will be available in September of 2020. Preorder now or contact me at info@jazzincdesigns.com if you have more questions


You will receive a shipping invoice when we are ready to ship, so you pay the actual prices. At current shipping prices (July 2020), these are the shipping cost to your region:

USA Europe Asia and Oceania
$72,69 $24,34 $111,24

4 reviews for 1/6 Iron Scavenger figure with flight stand

  1. Brian T Valinski

    From your Video the Original Design looks More Organic. I like a Wider Wingspan but the new one looks a little Flat. Like your just going for Length. ( That’s what She Said. ) LOL ????

    • Joost Assink

      actually, it’s just way more accurate, the new design.

  2. Ed

    This is going to be amazing. Will you have an unmasked variant?

    • Joost Assink

      Thanks! No, because of portrait rights, but I hear some people in our closed Facebook group are getting together to make one

  3. Carlos

    Hello I want to reserve the vulture send to Latin America?.

    • Joost Assink

      Sure, we can do that, just order through the site

  4. Theodore A Conerly

    Everything just looks superb! I got my order in, looking forward to more updates!

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