1/6 Iron Scavenger figure with flight stand

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I have been approached to make this. Since it was on my personal Wishlist as well, Jazzinc Dioramas will produce the Iron Scavenger in 1/6 scale in very limited numbers.

It will be fully painted and weathered, with light-up features and a flight stand.


12 inch Iron Scavenger figure with:
-Over 40 points of articulation
-Helmet with green light up eyes
-Over 4 ft wingspan
-Real fabric outfit
-Jacket with fur collar
-Boots with talons
-Dynamic stand with base and flexible metal pose-able rod
-Fully painted and movie accurate


Here is update #5 on the progress:

In stock


The figure will be fully painted and weathered, with light-up features and flight stand. Price will be $549. It will be shipped in a custom box with custom fitted styrofoam. At the moment we’re in prototyping phase. After that production has to start. With all the projects going on and Covid going on, the Scavenger won’t be ready for shipment before end of Q3 2021.

You can place your preorder now or contact me at info@jazzincdesigns.com if you have more questions.



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21 reviews for 1/6 Iron Scavenger figure with flight stand

  1. Brian T Valinski

    From your Video the Original Design looks More Organic. I like a Wider Wingspan but the new one looks a little Flat. Like your just going for Length. ( That’s what She Said. ) LOL ????

    • Joost Assink

      actually, it’s just way more accurate, the new design.

  2. Ed

    This is going to be amazing. Will you have an unmasked variant?

    • Joost Assink

      Thanks! No, because of portrait rights, but I hear some people in our closed Facebook group are getting together to make one

  3. Carlos

    Hello I want to reserve the vulture send to Latin America?.

    • Joost Assink

      Sure, we can do that, just order through the site

  4. Theodore A Conerly

    Everything just looks superb! I got my order in, looking forward to more updates!

  5. Kel

    On site it states 4 ft wingspan—is this correct? Or was this estimated size pre-production? Seems huge!

    • Joost Assink

      Actually that was pretty close. It’s a little less but yes, it’s huge!

  6. Youta Omori

    I can’t wait for the release😩 There were two belts in the play, but is this one?

    • Joost Assink

      We are working on the harness belts

  7. Frank

    Hello Joost,

    I may have to look, I confess I haven’t finished all of the videos, but I was wondering if there was perhaps (or if you could make one) an Iron Scavenger video on the wing articulation / wing posing guidelines/ safety usage. It looks great I just want to make sure i don’t try to position it in a way that risks damage/ stress.

    any tips advice would be appreciated.

    As always excellent work to you and your Team

  8. jbelmont46

    Hello, one question, if I make my reservation and want a 12-month plan, I can still make this type of payment even though the departure date is already in September?

    • Joost Assink

      Yes that is possible, no problem, we will just wait to start making your custom Iron Scavenger until your payment plan is nearly done and ship it out when the plan is done and the shipping cost have been paid

  9. Jeffrey

    Hi, is the costume going to have weathering effects? also, is the jacket made of real leather?

    • Joost Assink

      Minor weathering will be added. Yes it’s real leather

    • Support Jazzinc

      No, the costume will not be weathered, but yes, the jacket is made from real leather.

  10. Jesse

    Hey there

    Is the price 549$ in USD ? (I live in Australia)


    • Joost Assink

      Yes all prices are USD

    • Support Jazzinc

      Hi Jesse! Yes, all our prices are in USD.

  11. Chris Donio (verified owner)

    Hello! I paid pre order (and complete payment) and while it’s no rush just wondering if their is an ETA of shipment. A Youtuber I follow just got his and the way he made it sound was like he only ordered it last week and then arrived two days later. Their was some issue with my payment earlier (about a year and a half ago) but we had spoken via email and sorted it out and now I’m worried that my pre order didn’t take. Thank you very much.

    Otherwise the piece looks beautiful and can’t wait to receive it

    • Joost Assink

      we hope to deliver the first batch in October this year to all who ordered in 2020, then orders from 2021 will be delivered around New Years

    • Support Jazzinc

      We sent a very small number to a select number of customers for review and feedback. The rest of the products will start shipping to customers in late September/mid October.

  12. red-eye

    You say the price will be $549, but it shows $664.29 for me. Is there a mistake?

    • Support Jazzinc

      Customers located in the European Union see a price that includes VAT. The $664.29 is including VAT.

  13. Jake

    Hey Joost, 2 questions.

    1. In inches or CM, how long exactly is the full wingspan when the wings are on his back? I need to know the exact measurements to know if he’ll fit in my cabinet.

    2. If i order him in the next couple of weeks, when will mine be shipped?

    Thank you

    • Joost Assink

      1) Max wingspan: 126.5 cm (50 inches) and minimum wingspan: 99cm (39) inches
      2) with us it’s always first come, first serve, so right now, an order would land in the second batch which would put you in the timeframe of around Christmas for delivery, but if you pay in full, you do get ahead of people who are still on the payment plan even though they pre-ordered earlier, so if you wanted to fast as possible it is always best to pay off in full

  14. Adrian Mtz

    Hola me gustaria adquirir la figura pero quisiera saber cual es el costo de envio a mexico

    • Support Jazzinc

      Hi! Thank you for your interest in the Iron Scavenger! It’s too early to give you the exact shipping cost to Mexico, because shipping costs change every month. The current cost of shipping, if we were to ship the product today (which we cannot), is $140 USD. Please note, though, that this cost will be different when the time comes to ship your order.

  15. waixn37

    Is it still possible to order? :)?

    • Support Jazzinc

      Yes, it has not yet sold out.

  16. YongMin Ha (verified owner)

    Don’t you know the exact delivery schedule yet?

    • Joost Assink

      Yes, the first batch from orders of the first 18 months will be delivered in November. Orders from the last few months will be shipped in January

  17. Christian Kimbell (verified owner)

    Just received my Jazzinc Iron Scavenger. This thing is a work of art. The wing articulation, costume accuracy, and flight stand engineering are all incredible! Not only is the figure amazing, but where else will you find a collectible creator who not only engages with the community, but incorporates their feedback into the final product? I’m a Jazzinc customer for life!

    • Joost Assink

      That means so much to us! Thank you so much.

  18. René Drechsler

    Hello, I have a question about the character. The fur on the neck looks a bit wild. Will this be fixed in the final product. And will the fur and jacket be the same color as in the pictures? I saw videos about this on Youtube and hence my question. I found the fur super nice in one YouTube video and a bit wild in another. Otherwise this figure looks great. Would like to have them in my villain collection. If I would order a figure. Could I wish for a little less fur on the figure? I would pay for this extra wish too! Thank you for your trouble and answer. 🙂

    • Support Jazzinc

      Hi! After democratic vote from the community, we chose to use the lighter coloured collar, and use a material that is less messy. Also, the fur is shorter than in the earliest prototypes.
      We hope this meets your expectations. Unfortunately, we cannot further customise the fur on these figures.

  19. René Drechsler

    Hello, thank you for your answer. The end product looks amazing! Will definitely be ordered and expand my rogue collection. 🙂

  20. Frank M (verified owner)

    I received my Iron Scavenger and I’m a pretty detailed collector and try to collect only the best 1/6 scale, so I was skeptical, this being my first Jazzinc product I’ve received, and Honestly it BLEW ME AWAY, the crazy attention to detail and QUALITY! I can’t freaking WAIT for the ’66 Batmobile! you won’t be disappointed!

  21. René Drechsler (verified owner)

    I have a question about Iron Scavenger. How big is the Iron Scavenger with dynamic stand and base in the “Flying Pose”, in width with outstretched wings and how big is the dynamic stand and base in depth. Thank you for your reply.

    • Joost Assink

      Dear Rene

      It is 28 cm deep, and with flight stand it is around 58 cm high. The wings are between 90 and 127 cm depending on how you pose them

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