Jazzinc Dioramas isn’t your regular webshop, where you place an order and get the product within a business day.

Jazzinc Dioramas is a large collective project for the 1/6 scale (and recently also 1/12 scale) community, thanks to their tremendous support. Based on what the community wants we design, prototype and finally go into production after we have enough support to make production possible.

Between the moment of the first ideas until production is ready you have the opportunity to reserve a slot in production by placing a pre order.

Shipping dates

The time to delivery is dependant on lots of things between the moment of idea and the actual production. And even during production things happen that will delay things. Ordering at Jazzinc means you have to have patience. If during production, or sometimes during shipment of the first products, we decide to make changes to the product to improve quality, we will delay. We will notify you when that happens, either on our FB-group, on the news page or a direct email.

So if you see shipment dates at the product page or on the FAQ-page, know these are estimates. We do not guarantee them.


You can either pay the complete price upon pre ordering or choose a payment plan (read more about them on this page).

Shipping costs will be charged right before shipping. This way we can charge the actual shipping prices.

Shipping and Shipping costs

We ship world wide.

We do not charge anything for packing, shipping and handling, so you only pay what the shipper (usually FedEx) charges us. We have a 38% discount, so it is the cheapest option by far. 

When production is ready and we are preparing for shipping out you get the shipping costs invoice and we ask you to check the shipping address provided.

On the product page we provided you with an estimate of shipping costs. Because there’s so much time in between we can’t predict the actual shipping costs (especially now, with this pandemic going on, shipping costs have risen terribly). If the shipping costs have gone up for you and you want to wait until they come down again, just let us know and we’ll postpone shipping for you.

Cancelling your order at Jazzinc

Sometimes you have to make some hard decisions and cancel your order. We can understand, life happens. Of course you can cancel an order and we will refund payments minus the nonrefundable deposit.

Because we make our products to order, you reserve a spot on the production list. A cancellation means we are left with a product and thus the risk of not selling this product. We also calculate cost and order materials based on orders which will be affected by your cancellation. That’s why we can do refunds minus a non refundable amount of 100 USD*. It’s also to cover for expenses made for administrative and payment costs.

* the first $100 paid in total will be considered non refundable, whether that was paid at once or in multiple payments with a payment plan.

Please email us at info@jazzincdesigns.com to cancel your order. Clicking the cancel button in your account will not set the cancellation in order, we have to process that in the backend.

Adding products to your order

Sometimes products that are in production and that you’ve pre ordered get extension kits, expansions or DX upgrades. If you want to add those to your shipment or if you want to upgrade your base version to a DX version, just place a new order for that kit, expansion or upgrade. We’ll combine it with the original order and ship them out together (in case of expansions/kits) or ship you the upgraded version, when all orders have been paid fully.

Order updates

Designing, producing and getting our items shipped is a long proces in which a lot can happen. From delays to the possibility to upgrade base versions to DX versions. We inform everybody as much as possible through different channels like Facebook, Youtube and on our news page.

If you want to be sure to get all the info about product changes, shipping of your collectible (and possible coupon codes), sign up for our newsletter!