Shipping updates Justice mobile and Falcon Cockpit

Status update november 2020

The first bigger batch of Justice mobiles got shipped recently as you might have noticed if you’re a member of the closed Facebook-group. That has spiked interest for shipment dates for the rest of the batches and for the Millennium Falcon Cockpit. Because we receive a lot of emails from people checking in, we wanted to inform you all by sending this email. Not only to update you on the delivery schedules but also to inform you about the shipping process.

In the previous months we’ve let you all know there were delays

People who regularly check the product pages have already seen the shipping tables change over the last few months.
The very first Justice Mobiles and Falcon Cockpits that got shipped out didn’t all arrive undamaged and we decided to beef things up to avoid repairs and disappointment. Alterations to the construction as well as the packaging were designed and applied in the production process. This is taking more time than we initially estimated. Also because we keep improving based on input from the people who received their item so far (only improvements to avoid damage in shipping). If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that life (and/or producing these unique items) is far from predictable.
We know you have shown a lot of patience so far and we want to thank you for that. Please know we do anything to get your Justice mobile and/or Cockpit delivered as fast as we can. We do choose quality over speed however and we hope you can bear with us for the next months to come. 

Shipment process

When your order is scheduled for shipping and you’ve paid remaining balances*, you’ll get the shipping charge invoice with the actual shipping costs at that moment**. Once that is paid, we will ship your order as soon as possible.

* check your remaining balance by logging in to your website account (or if you’re a very early supporter in the time we used Paypal invoices: check your Paypal account). We receive a message when you’re fully paid up, that will be our signal to include you in the shipping batch
** if a shipping fee was included upon ordering, the amount already paid will be deducted from the actual shipping charge. 

Current estimates of shipping costs are listed on the product pages. Shipping to some parts of the world (Australia for example) is extremely expensive these pandemic days. If you want to stall your shipment to wait for shipping costs to come down again, let us know by email. We’ll keep your item(s) in storage.

Please also check the address on the shipping charge invoice. That will be the address we use for shipping. If that address has to be changed, you have to send us an email with the new address. Modifying the address in your website account won’t do it, because that only affects the shipping address on new orders. 

If you order the optional Justice League kit or the diorama base later, we will add those to your Justice mobile order.

We will ship them together, after all orders and shipping costs are completely paid. You will remain in your initial shipping slot (if all products are fully paid. If not, you’ll be scheduled in a later batch so we can ship everything together. That will save you on shipping costs).

Shipment dates

Your batch is determined on the month you placed your initial order. These are rough estimations and based on as things stand now. Check the product pages for the current estimated shipping dates

Justice mobile 

If you initially ordered the base version of the Justice mobile and upgraded later on, the month you placed your base version order will be the month that decided your place in line. 

Fully paid JL accessoire kits and diorama bases will be shipped together with the Justice mobile, regardless of the order date of said JL kit/diorama base.

Falcon Cockpit

If you’ve ordered the Ultimate version of the cockpit and decided to this upgrade to DX version, we will combine your orders to the Millennium Falcon Cockpit DX.

We hope to have informed you by this post (people who ordered have also received an email). We understand your concerns and sometimes frustrations. Please know we do everything we can to get these masterpieces (preferably undamaged) at your doorsteps. As said, we hope you bear with us for the upcoming months! We will keep you informed in the process if things change. Please also check the mentioned product pages to stay informed: 

We appreciate all the love we got so far from lots of you, many many thanks for that!

All the best, Joost & team

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  1. darksim007
    | Reply

    Hi i received my final shipping charges email! It is asking me to make a payment but i should have it on autopay. Can you confirm if i have to make this payment manually?

    • Janneke Assink
      | Reply

      Hi, thanks for reaching out. We don’t have autopay, not even on our payment plans. So you have to make this payment manually. You can click the link in the email you’ve received or log in to your account to do that. If you have any more questions, let us know!

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