Final batch of the Falcon Cargo Hold – update

The ‪production on the final batch of the Falcon Cargo Hold is proceeding nicely. Paint, weathering, electronics and packing to go. Still very close on schedule! We’re only making a few extra, so if you’re interested…

Falcon Cargo Hold - projectupdate

  1. Michel Le
    | Reply

    This is one purchase I huge regret. The piece on themselves are fantastic, but JazzInc has no idea on putting structure elements together. The only 2 piece that fit together well are the seats. Don’t get me started on the rest. I will have to build a wood structure to hold everything together. In all, extremely disappointed. I bought the MF cockpit. It’s hull design was a huge disappointment, as well as Luke’s landspeeder, which side engines don’t fit snugly (like sagging), the windshield is way too long, and the paint job is barely basic. Details are also extremely basic. The original land speeder had a regular steering wheel but JazzInc decided to have an airplane type joystick instead. I ordered Rey’s speeder, the Tattooine vaporator and the Batman search light, and I am now bracing for more disappointment. Again.

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