Production X 34 Landspeeder

The production of the second and final batch for the X 34 Landspeeder is also progressing nearly on schedule. I am making a few extra, but you’d better hurry if you want one.

We’re experimenting with magnets for this one.┬áIt’s ready for primer, then paint, then weathering, then packing.

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  1. Juan Jose Lopez
    | Reply

    My name is Juan Jose I am very interested in buying Luke’s 1/6 landspeeder, have a few questions before buying it:

    1. Do you ship to Mexico with a trackable guide?
    2. Do you have the part for immediate delivery?
    3. To buy, do I have to fill out a registration?


    • Joost Assink
      | Reply


      Nice to hear from you!

      1: yes, I ship to Mexico, and I have done in the past, but shipping to Mexico might be $100 or more.

      2: yes I have it in stock available to ship right now.

      3: yes, you have to register on the site and leave the address phone number and email address we can use for FedEx.

      Hope this helps.

      All the best,


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