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With Jazzinc Dioramas growing Joost wasn’t able to answer all questions he received via mail, dm, pm, chat, messenger and so on, on his own anymore. He asked me, Janneke – his wife, to help him out. So I did for the last few weeks.

It was nice ‘meeting’ a lot of Joost’s customers in my new role as the helpdesk! It was a bit of getting used to the system. It’s not always as flexible or insightful as we’d want it to be for you guys, but most of the times I was able to figure it out and let you know what the answer to your question was.

I also made mistakes (I’m sorry!) and still have to check my excel-list to see what’s what in this world I know little about (‘Oh so the Justice mobile is not something from Star Wars!?’ ‘Okay and what does this extension kit extend precisely?’ ‘The Cargo Hold? Oh yes, the chess table a.k.a. Barbie Play house! I get it!’).

Eventually I started seeing a few patterns in the questions we’re getting and that’s why I came up with a FAQ-page. So you can check that out before you contact us and have to wait until we finally get to answer that.

But please feel free to mail us if your question isn’t there (yet) or the answer doesn’t make sense to you or doesn’t help you in your specific situation. We’re happy to help you out!

Please stay safe!

Kind regards,

Janneke Assink

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