Who would want a 1/6 scale Millennium Falcon Cargo Hold diorama for Ikea Besta?

Main Cargo Hold Millennium Falcon Diorama for Ikea Besta/Stuva

I am kicking around ideas for new dioramas with Adrian Dinca who made the 3d models of the carbon freezing chamber claw and brushes. We were wondering what people would think of doing a One Six Scale Main Cargo Hold Millennium Falcon 1/6 Diorama for Ikea Besta/Stuva (so around 22 inches wide, and variable depth for Besta and Stuva, Height would be around 22 inches as well). It would work for scenes from A New Hope, The Force Awakens, Empire Strikes Back and more!

Rough Pricing

Because it is such a complex environment this might be the first to break through our $499 cap for Truscale environments. So, before we sink a lot of time and money into this, who would be interested to own this diorama. See image below.



There has been an overwhelmingly positive feedback, so you can preorder here. We will go ahead!:

1/6 TruScale Main Cargo Hold diorama for Ikea Besta, Stuva or Stand Alone


The kit will contain:

  • The classic millennium falcon floor
  • The Millennium Falcon bent seat
  • The Holographic Chess Set (Dejarik Holochess table)
  • The back wall with part of the opening
  • Hose details and greeblies
  • A background graphic behind the opening to suggest the hallway beyond


Suitable Figures:

  • Hot Toys Luke Skywalker MMS297
  • Hot Toys Princess Leia MMS298
  • Hot Toys Han Solo MMS261
  • Hot Toys Chewbacca MMS262
  • Hot Toys Han Solo & Chewbacca The Force Awakens MMS376
  • Hot Toys Obi Wan Kenobi MMS283
  • And many of the different C3POs and R2-D2 figures out there!

Please give us any and all opinions and feedback!


5 Responses

  1. Michael Peterwas
    | Reply

    When can I pre order ?

  2. Gregory Arrington
    | Reply

    make it a modular!

  3. Robert
    | Reply

    I’ve ordered mine, and now I’m thinking you need to do the other side of the arch with the navigation computer and Han’s chair, so that the two can connect together.

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