What a way to start 2019: I was interviewed for the Collecting Weekly podcast!

Who would’ve thought it’d come to this

I am so honored to be asked for the Collecting Weekly podcast! Check it out! My sincere thanks to Zachary Steven Guevara for making this possible.

Please give it a listen to learn more about my dad and me, our history with Star Wars and many other behind the scenes questions.

From the Collecting Weekly Podcast:

On Today’s episode of Collecting Weekly, I talk with Joost Assink, who along with his father Hans creates 1/6 scale Star Wars dioramas and diorama accessories for hot toys and sideshow collectible figures through their company JazzInc Dioramas! On today’s episode we talk about the origins of Jazz Inc, the process of creating a diorama, his newest projects up for pre order (bespin gantry & Luke’s X-34 speeder), and much much more!

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