The final of the Truscale emperor throne room is definitely happening!

We have made the minimum required numbers, so in the final run of the truscale emperor throne room is definitely happening! If you were waiting for that, here’s your chance, your final chance to have one.

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  1. Bob Evonek
    | Reply

    Can I get some further pics of the Emperor throne room.

    • Support Jazzinc
      | Reply

      At the moment, we don’t have any further pictures. But we will post updates, as we have them, in our Facebook group. Please join, if you have not already. Thank you!

    • Joost Assink
      | Reply

      Maybe this video helps?

  2. bfiggy
    | Reply

    I just watched the video and once again this is a fabulous-looking piece. You guys are killing me! I’ll be placing my pre-order soon.

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