Final Snowspeeder design update

Here is the final Snowspeeder design update before prototyping.

Please watch in full and if you have any legitimate concern or factual design changes, please let them know now! THANKS.

Still available for preorder:

4 Responses

  1. Benoît Longere
    | Reply

    I have your landspeeder, really great job!
    Just a question about the Snowspeeder and the final version, because I’m interested.
    How it will be paint? Or it will be “just” grey?

    • Luuk Assink
      | Reply

      It will be weathered and painted just like Luke’s speeder.

  2. Andrew
    | Reply

    Is this going to be done in the actual studio scale? I love the snowspeeder and I want to order this one but it may be too large to put anywhere. The black series did a 6″ version but its nowhere near this premium. Would love studio scale.

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